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  1. PNW_Bronco94

    Did not know this was still a thing...

    Dodged a bullet there, friend (unless it was a GTR - that gets a pass). 😂
  2. PNW_Bronco94

    Ford should make a mini Godzilla engine

    To each their own. I love it when the boost comes on the EB, but got-damn, I love me the sound of a V8. The EB motors perform awesomely, but they lack in the "sounds that give me chills" department.
  3. PNW_Bronco94

    Ford should make a mini Godzilla engine

    Mini Godzirra you say?
  4. PNW_Bronco94

    Antimatter Blue real life look - on 2021 F-150

    It doesn't look bad, but I'd have to see it on a Bronco. I was leaning toward AB, but now I'm thinking of going with one of the bolder colors, like Race Red or Velocity Blue.
  5. PNW_Bronco94

    Is this a typo? 6.8L for F150 and Mustang in 2022?

    The 5.8 in my Bronco is a dog. Factory rated at like 200 ish HP, which is not ideal for pushing 33s with 3.55 gears. But, yeah, a modern 5.8 would be sick.
  6. PNW_Bronco94

    Blacked Out 2021 Bronco With Satin / Matte Wrap Rendered Look

    Man, the more I look at the Bronco, the more every Jeep I see looks like a cheap POS Chinese knockoff. Love it.
  7. PNW_Bronco94

    Washout interior is a fail!!!

    If you want to take a hose to the entire inside of your vehicle, just get an old junker. lol. "What?!! The instrument panel isn't submersible?!! FAIL, FORD, LMAO!"
  8. PNW_Bronco94

    Trail Turn Assist demonstrated with Bronco Sasquatch 4-Door

    You do you, man. Some of us prefer the old school feel and control of a manual, modern benefits of auto transmissions be damned.
  9. PNW_Bronco94

    Exclusive 6+ Minutes of Bronco Badlands Rock Crawling Action on Rubicon Trail

    This has gotta be fake. Everyone knows IFS can't go over rocks.
  10. PNW_Bronco94

    Bronco Trail Turn Assist Demonstrated

    So it just locks the inside rear wheel?
  11. PNW_Bronco94

    Driving 80+ mph on highway with new Bronco?

    Lol. Yes. My '94 Bronco on 33's will do 80 all day. You can set the cruise at 100 mph on almost any vehicle made in the last 10 years, including my wife's 2006 Honda Pilot, which is the furthest thing from a high performance vehicle.
  12. PNW_Bronco94

    Factory pics: 2021 Bronco Body In White, Frame-to-Body Marriage (Decking), Test Units, Engine

    Oh, man. This has me wanting a white two-door. But the two-door won't fit my family. Do they really need to all ride in one vehicle? So many confused feelings right now.
  13. PNW_Bronco94

    Bronco "Interactive Garage" lets you color and modify with aftermarket parts

    What can I say, I'm a man of simple tastes. Black Diamond, 33 inch KM2s (although the 33s in the configurator look more like 35s) and a Warn bumper and winch and I'm good.
  14. PNW_Bronco94

    Spotted: Badlands No-Sasquatch Bronco On 33″ Tires [Updated With Interior]

    These pics don't show much. Are you able to leave your garage and get some more pics?