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  1. redflipppper`

    👣 First look at WildTrak Sasquatch Badge

    looks alot better think they are finally listening about the flashy bright yellow/blue badges and accessories grab handles.
  2. redflipppper`

    🗓 Reservations can still be converted for 2021 model year after March 19th!

    So for those who want a 2022 vs 2021 when do we convert our orders per previous we can do this emails?
  3. redflipppper`

    Bronco GOAT Modes Guide by Trim - Compiled and Confirmed Info 🐐

    Really Good presentation. Thank you.
  4. redflipppper`

    2021 Bronco A/Z Plan Pricing Per Trim

    Anyone know if there are any dealers in PNW/ Washington honoring X-Plan prices since they are offering A/Z plan?
  5. redflipppper`

    📷 Factory: Navy / Gray Cloth Seats + Antimatter Blue Base Sasquatch 4 Door

    Who in their right mind makes red exterior with gray n blue interior?
  6. redflipppper`

    Two 2021 Broncos burn in trailer fire ?

    #FrankenBronco #MidnightBlackEdition So reliable.......
  7. redflipppper`

    Ford confirms a green 2022 Bronco color for MY22! *Not Filson Wildland Fire Rig Green*

    Well would say for ford to choose 3-5 greens and show them with satin or dull finish and gloss coat. Put out a survey to bronco6G/Bronco Nation to only reservation holders. Something on the dark side like olive drab and 3 colors in between with something bright at the top like maybe mustang...
  8. redflipppper`

    Official 2021 Bronco INVOICE Price / MSRP Price List [Jan 19]

    Remember B&P is to be updated on or around march 8th. Sure that issue will be corrected and it will match the invoice PDF.
  9. redflipppper`

    2021 Bronco Lease Residuals (including Heritage Edition!)

    There you go with the Jets comment....definitely miss that not of that here int he PNW. Think you would be eating it for life or get tired after a bit of it.
  10. redflipppper`

    2021 Bronco body spotted at Line-X headquarter

    Saw this happen quite a bit in the North country in NY where there is lots of snow and salt put down to help combat corrosion. While it is good on the surface the underbody also needs to be treated too, so only half a job pretty much.
  11. redflipppper`

    OMG! My (now)ex-dealer response to pricing question. Sumner,Wa.

    Sunset, Korum, Bowen Scarff are crooks stay away from them go see Richard Scott at Fugate.Ford
  12. redflipppper`

    Factory Pics: Lightning Blue Bronco First Edition + Race Red Black Diamond ?

    Need to change their plastics formula and compounds. Need more carbon/pigment to make it look black instead of charcoal. Several others plasti manufacturers out there.
  13. redflipppper`

    2 Door Outer Banks in Area 51

    Sure need to make the rear wiper larger for driving in the winter, looks like it will be trying to see through a porthole for the hardtop.
  14. redflipppper`

    Bronco SPORT deliveries have begun!

    ........Made in Mexico for the Bronco Sport.
  15. redflipppper`

    Bronco Soft Top how-to video -- folding, removing and window removal

    Video made that real easy for me to wait until *late availability (and all the other items)for the shadow black top and will be buying an aftermarket soft top or bikini cover from bestop or someone else.
  16. redflipppper`

    Pics: Bronco Slide-Out Tailgate and Sunrider Top

    Problem is they let the "interior designers" get into it. Keep it simple with the interior color choices, it is hard to imagine the base will have the best interior but that's what it looks to be. THe grab handles and color stitching and "badges" really stickers need work. The offer more...
  17. redflipppper`

    Big Bend Sasquatch Cactus Gray Soft Top 4-Door New Photos!

    Not sweating it on the roof. Line-X/Rhino liner for the hardtop there will be aftermarket mount kits for the roof rack. There will also be aftermarket soft tops I am sure from bestop. Only dilemma I have is Badlands or Wildtrak. All comes down to do I need the sway bar disconnect in the...
  18. redflipppper`

    Dealer claims we'll be able to submit Bronco order from our own Ford account

    Anyone have a good dealer in Western WA willing to give below invoice at all?
  19. redflipppper`

    Ford: Mitigating the Impending Public Black Eye

    Need to do a OP-ED in the hometown paper the Detroit Free Press hit them at home see how it goes. Editor: [email protected]