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  1. mylittlepony

    How to: Remove / Swap Grille on 2021 Bronco [DIY Instructions Videos]

    that's exactly why that grill paired w/ a shadow black top makes 'styling sense' for me along w/ matching mirror caps as well on top of an Iconic Silver> OBX! The trucks lines and contrast will look amazing any time of day!!
  2. mylittlepony

    Spotted Bronco conducting towing / trailering test in MI

    i believe an airstream 22 footer is within the tow specs. so i consider that impressive if i'm correct.
  3. mylittlepony

    In-Person Closeup Pics of 2-Door Bronco Wildtrak at Ricart Ford + Impressions

    i put a bunch of washers under the 2 front frame bolts to give me pitch on both my vehicles. one does have thigh support but is still lacking. will see if this is the case w/ my OBX.
  4. mylittlepony

    Spotted: 2-Door Cactus Gray Badlands Sasquatch With Fastback Soft Top

    ['minty-green'] now i want a york peppermint patty!
  5. mylittlepony

    👣 First look at WildTrak Sasquatch Badge

    or a surfsquatch dude on the OBX badge!? lol hang loose bro! 🤙
  6. mylittlepony

    Antimatter Blue Outer Banks Sasquatch 4-Door with soft top retracted

    mine is a 'silver city stalker' OBX all shined up for the night out on the town all pretty like...
  7. mylittlepony

    Granger Ford - Out of state customers
  8. mylittlepony

    Bronco Order Conversion Stats Sample

    I asked to split the difference. Was politely told 'no'.
  9. mylittlepony

    My First Sighting - Iconic Silver Bronco Big Bend 4-Door MIC Top

    wow! this is my first sighting. looks great in I.S. this is my color.
  10. mylittlepony

    My First Sighting - Iconic Silver Bronco Big Bend 4-Door MIC Top

    getting a pic of one with flaps on is like spotting a unicorn in public! awesome!!
  11. mylittlepony

    [PICS] Outer Banks Roast vs Wiltrak Sandstone Leather (can’t find pics!!)

    Am I correct that the OBX roast leather trimmed is 3 colors> black onyx[field], roast[trim on field] , and pier blue[upper headrest section w bronco]? can't be sure from photos I've seen.
  12. mylittlepony

    2021 Bronco Packaging Guide

    i couldn't get passed page #3 without laughing! HAHAHA the BRONCO isn't the only thing baked. GREAT marketing!
  13. mylittlepony

    Bronco Warthog insight from Ford engineer / driver (+ bonus KOH trail footage)

    when asked about the warty suspension 'is it independent?' A: everything is independent'. hmm
  14. mylittlepony

    Ordering Warp Speed!!!

    I can attest that the red bull is working for @[email protected] today!
  15. mylittlepony

    Bronco GOAT Modes Guide by Trim - Compiled and Confirmed Info 🐐

    I'll opt for tech over terrain any day. That's the point of not having to spend additional change on accessories(rims/tires/ balancing/ labor etc.) to do the seasonal jig. Been there, those days are over for me. I'm more leisure than labor now a days and that's what else additionally needs to...
  16. mylittlepony

    Bronco GOAT Modes Guide by Trim - Compiled and Confirmed Info 🐐

    I opted for as there is black ice on certain highways here in NYC due to overpass drip and have seen an SUV turn on their side skidding out when driving over one that is not a large contact patch[5/7' aprx]. Advanced should negate this condition greatly. That would put a damper on the evening...