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  1. Installed our Bestop Skyrider for Hardtop

    Any updates? I'm really hoping to find a modular rack that I can leave the rear half on with a Skyrider.
  2. Bronco Cargo Slide Drawer / Slidefloor by Diabolical Inc

    Excellent. Thank you again. @Diabolical Inc it sounds like great marketing for the next run of these to be ever so slightly taller and fit the roof panels.
  3. Bronco Cargo Slide Drawer / Slidefloor by Diabolical Inc

    Ah dagnabit. Thanks a bunch for bringing it down and trying. Out if curiosity was it the height that was the problem or the area on the tray? @Diabolical Inc the photos above is what I was trying to explain that I was hoping we'd be able to do.
  4. Lakelife36

    BC Broncos

    @604Bronco I believe that GMRS is mostly an American thing. If you're looking for RR channels, the LAD channels truckers use, marine weather channels, etc. then you'll need a VHF radio. I believe that you need to be licensed to legally use them.
  5. Lakelife36

    BC Broncos

    Question here - why GMRS?
  6. Bronco Cargo Slide Drawer / Slidefloor by Diabolical Inc

    All good, it's not quite top off weather around these parts. Feeling close on a sunny Friday afternoon with a beer or two in ya though.
  7. Bronco Cargo Slide Drawer / Slidefloor by Diabolical Inc

    I meant the roof panels. It would be nice to be able to take them off at will and store them in the drawer under the top without interfering with all the rest of the junk that we carry around on the daily. Edit to clarify: by "top" I mean the drawer top, which all of your daily junk would be...
  8. Bike Rack that clears without an extension?

    Dang it, I was really hoping that you had something in mind! I guess we'll have to keep looking.
  9. Bronco Cargo Slide Drawer / Slidefloor by Diabolical Inc

    Imagine having all your stuff in the back and still being able to take the front row off an on at will without trying to stack them all goofy in the back. Something that checks this box has been on my wish list for a while now. Please try it out and let us know if it works when you have a chance.
  10. Bike Rack that clears without an extension?

    The moment arm for torsion on the receiver wouldn't increase (rack being the same height from the receiver), but it would for flexure in either axis (longitudinal or transverse, with longitudinal being the one that should govern). Also note that the stock receivers are listed as Class II not...
  11. Bronco Cargo Slide Drawer / Slidefloor by Diabolical Inc

    Since the top is at the max height I have a very important question for you - can you store both front row panels in the drawer with the top on? @Diabolical Inc
  12. Upcoming Competition: 2025 Toyota 4Runner Hybrid is expected (and EV possible)

    Toyota needs to release these kickass vehicles in PHEVs. And if they're not going to offer sticks anymore (like since forever in the 4Runner) then they should be series hybrids with a motor at each wheel. Imagine instant torque exactly where you want it and not where you don't.
  13. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    My experience is that they "can't find" the TSB and "couldn't hear" the noise. I picked it up after it sat for days in the cold so I asked for a tech to come out with me and listen. He heard it immediately and feels that it may be a bearing. I'm now waiting for a replacement ambient air temp...
  14. Stock Big Bend with 285/75/17 on Stock BB wheels

    My tire guy won't sell anything over 3% difference.
  15. Stiffer springs option?

    It's far too late now, but this comes back to the earlier assertions that Ford really effed up the multiple suspension options by not making the Hitachi suspension the overlanding/towing setup and the Bilstein suspensions the high-articulation crawling setup. At least then we could have made...
  16. JcrOffroad’s new Crusader front and rear bumper!

    Do you have more photos of that Summit from the sides and angles? That thing looks nice!
  17. Chase Radio - Icom Race Radio installation

    Doesn't have to be the same radio itself, but does need to have the sane frequencies.
  18. Chase Radio - Icom Race Radio installation

    I've been looking for some way to cleanly mount a radio in that spot, using the handle bolts as mount points to avoid drilling. Really glad to see that there's an option out there.
  19. Installed: Havoc Offroad TrailCrawler Steps

    Has anyone had these shipped to Canada? Havoc can't or won't do it themselves and suggests a freight forwarder. I'm looking for any reviews or tips available.