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  1. CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Club

    Here's what Carb Gray looks like on a tow truck. Fuel pump died but hey I got free oil changes for 50,000mi now.
  2. Open-Source: Trunk Storage System (Open TSS)

    I have my camp kitchen design in Sketch-up if you want those measurements. Basically uses the same base board principal you have in this post. https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/diy-camp-kitchen-box.44354/
  3. I need mud flaps, whats everyone using?

    I put a rock through those and they are now cracked.
  4. Blck Diamond Sas or Badland non sas? Ordering tomorrow.

    I had this debate. I went with BD SAS. I figured the camera would be a gimick overtime but sometimes I wish I had it. 12" screen is nice but not a needed item. I feel kind of the same way with the stabilizer disconnect, but that can be done manually. 4.70 gears are needed as I may go up...
  5. Badlands GOAT mode question

    Drive a curvy mountain road and you will notice it. Way better when you have hairpin and tight corners. It absolutely modifies the steering in Sport mode.
  6. Badlands GOAT mode question

    I would put sport mode on with forscan. I have baja on a black diamond and I think baja holds the shift points longer than sport. To me its a bit too agressive for street driving in 2h, off pavement is another story.
  7. Black goopy rubber seal adhesive oozing from putting passenger side front roof panel back on

    I had this stuff after getting a leak fixed. It's the sealant and that is part of the fix, use excessive amount. Should be able to roll it into a ball and remove it.
  8. Is the Extended Warranty Worth it?

    I am having a significant failure once a year, my extended warranty should start paying out in less than 2 years at this rate. Power distribution block 2022. Fuel pump and module 2023.
  9. Is auto start/stop contributing to Bronco fuel pump failures? Poll

    Not ASS as that's disabled for me but perhaps keyless shut off time. Was airing up my tires after some off-roading. Key was in pocket, usually inside vehicle whenever I air up. Bronco shut off around the 15 minute mark, started back up no problem, 10 minutes later fuel pump shite itself...
  10. Tow Loop Covers -- anybody have anything like this installed?

    No, they will not fit. Just tried with my shackle ones and the tow hooks are a different diameter and radius. They will just rattle off. There's all kinds of trail dust behind my shackle units, no notice of water issues but I live in an arid climate. These are pointless for the tow hooks...
  11. MIC Hard Top Headliner - Install or no?

    I would have put mine on better than the factory/dealer did. It was installed crooked pulled off then put back on. So there's air bubbles and it started falling day one. Sticky residue left where it was pulled off from, that now has fine trail dust stuck to it. I have no point of reference...
  12. (Wild) broncos spotted from my Bronco today

    Love finding feral horses when out exploring, got a few around me.
  13. I saw it yesterday. Now I can’t unsee it.

    And all three mirrors have different "zoom" levels...you're welcome!
  14. MIC Hardtop Panels--Unfinished Edges Cutting Fingers

    I keep a pair of leather gloves in my top bag to remind me; no glove, no love.
  15. Having issue getting Ford to cover misaligned body panels

    @flip is there a process to adjust body panels for us DYI folks.
  16. okay, switch change is not as EZ as thought

    DC...If things are the opposite of what you expect put the positive wire where the negative is and the negative where the positive is. I have 12v fans that if you swap the leads they will turn in the opposite direction.
  17. Atlas Transfer Case Installed Pics From Loren Healy

    Doesn't look like this has been posted but saw on FB Loren Healy has an Atlas installed. No other details provided in post other than the eye candy.