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  1. Gatorback deals?

    Do any of our forum vendors have any deals on the Gatorback mud flaps?
  2. Land Rover going all electric. No more petrol.

    No more petrol Land Rover, Range Rover, Discovery, and yes, Defenders. https://www.goodwood.com/grr/road/news/2023/4/jaguar-land-rover-rebrands-as-jlr/
  3. ARB Summit pricing?

    Now that I have been pulled for production, it's time to start ordering parts. Any leads on who has the best pricing on an ARB Summit front bumper? Any deals to be had?
  4. Week of 4/17 scheduling prediction.

    No Broncos scheduled this week. I hope that I am wrong.
  5. ARB Summit bumper on the Bronco Raptor?

    Will the ARB Summit front bumper fit the Bronco Raptor?
  6. Metal-Tech Sliders in stock!

    Metal-Tech slider are now in stock. I ran these on my FJC and they were awesome! https://metaltech4x4.com/metal-tech-2021-ford-bronco-4-door-sliders/
  7. Two Lightning Blue FE's spotted in Idaho

    I was traveling through Coeur d'alene heading toward Sandpoint on Sunday 4/3. Spotted the first one just north of Coeur d'alene and then the other just south of Sandpoint. Are you guys on here?
  8. Any HOSS 3.0 equipped Bronco in the wild yet?

    Hs anyone received a Wildtrak with the HOSS 3.0?
  9. Number of digits for your order?

    How many digits should my order number have? The dealer gave me a 4-digit number which does not work on the back door tracker. The email confirmation from Ford does not have any number. My DORA I can't read the number (poor quality PDF scan).
  10. MY22 Wildtrack ordered.

    Well we finally broke down and ordered a 2022 4dr Wildtrack. Iconic silver, hard top, tow package, leather, luxury pack, and block heater. I am guessing about this time next year we might see it.
  11. 4dr Wildtrack compared to an Audi SQ5

    4dr Wildtrack compared to an Audi SQ5. On paper the exterior dimensions of the Bronco are very close to the Audi. The Bronco shows 189" L X 79" W X 79" H. The Audi 184" L X 75" W X 65" H. Looking at the two side by side in person the Bronco looks huge. Our stipulation for buying the Bronco...
  12. Lightweight wheels.

    Over on the Raptor site we compiled a list of lightweight wheel options. Granted, this list is for the Raptor lug pattern but I am betting they also have options for the Bronco.
  13. Finally saw and drove one.

    I drive by a Ford dealer every morning on the way to work. Their lot has been bare for months. Last week I noticed out front of their showroom a bright red 4-door. Saturday my wife and I cruised over to check it out. It was a 4-door Wildtrack, soft top, luxury, and leather. MSRP was $58k+...
  14. Landmark siting.

    This morning I saw out in from of Landmark Ford a red 4-door soft top. I was on I-5 so didn't get a good look. Planning to stop in this weekend for a look.
  15. BJ in Ensenada.

    An oldie but goodie. BJ Baldwin having fun.
  16. Two weeks in a Jeep JLU.

    Just back from 2 weeks in Maui where I had a Jeep JLU as my rental. Not my first Jeep rental but it is my first JL rental. Have to say that I am not impressed. #1 complaint is the steering. This sure felt worse than the JK's I have rented in the past. This was the JLU Sport 4WD so a pretty...
  17. Ford Performance suspension.

    Just received this in an email from Ford Performance. You can bet money that if they are doing this for the Ranger the Bronco will have offerings as well. https://performanceparts.ford.com/part/M-18000-RA