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  1. Bronco cats

    The Presidents of the United States of America - Kitty (Official Music Video) - YouTube
  2. East Coast to Utah. Suggestions and tips please!

    Cool deal. And technically you could shave time off and head NW out of Albuquerque to Moab, but we HAD to go to Winslow and the GC. Let us know what you decide!
  3. East Coast to Utah. Suggestions and tips please!

    We took 10 days for our trip and it wasn’t enough. 3 days spent meandering SW, Long-hauled the first day to Amarillo, stayed the night there. From there we popped on and off of Historic Rte.66 and skipped a LOT of stuff in the interest of time. Night 2 was in Winslow, AZ. I really wish we had...
  4. Seatbelt Issue Recall for 175K 2021-2023 Broncos Announced

    This is golden. And will live in the infamy on the internet forever. It may be the ONLY record of our civilization found by some future one.
  5. Headed to OBX next month. Do I need protectant spray on the undercarriage?

    I went to look at a vehicle this past week from NY state. Ziebart decal on the window. Owner said he had it coated right when taking it home, not so sure it was ever done again. Bottom of the rockers, floor pans, and shock towers ALL heavy bubbled rust. Even the wheels behind the wheel covers...
  6. Uwharrie Roll Call

    June 10th is the next "official major Bronco outing" there. Broncos of the Carolinas is hosting a fairly large event.
  7. Transmission crossmember braces - improve or remove?

    I slightly undersized my holes by a 32nd vs the correct bit and they drew up nice and tight. Broke the rivet tool bolt off in one but it backed out easily enough, ordered a replacement insert for the next time. This for sure sucks but yeah, it has been known to happen. Maybe the remaining ones...
  8. Transmission crossmember braces - improve or remove?

    Yeah same here plus the spacing didn’t satisfy my OCD enough.
  9. [Update SOLVED]: Fuse 36 tapped by... the factory? Spies? Jeep? Aliens?

    Was that red design on the side of it when you got it? I'd ask the dealer, look at the sticker and see if that's something you paid extra for. Pretty sweet vinyl though. Really messes with the eyes.
  10. ARCHETYPE RACING | RUTS - Ruggedized Utility Trail Sights

    I expect this is intentional to allow you to be able to remove the grille without scratching the crap out of it in the process (it already sounds destructive enough when the clips release) and not have to remove the sights to finagle the grille in and out. I may be wrong, but that's my...
  11. Red bed liner sprayed Bronco Raptor

    I've used a medium bristled long handled brush and regular car wash soap on all of my stuff that was lined before. In case of heavy-duty stains on the tan liner I had on my Expedition, some diluted Simple Green or Purple Power worked well.
  12. Moab Bronco Safari 2023 Scheduled For May 2-6

    I know it will bring a price higher than I can spend, but man, what a beautiful ride.
  13. Got a Kick A$$ Garage?... Post it Here! 🏡

    Same. I'm that fool that gets drawn to a bone-stock '96 GTS at a car show amidst a sea of newer sports cars, grinning and fan-boying over it. And then one of my kids asks "Is that a Ferrari?" After a satisfied sigh and knowledge that I am about to begin a "back in my day" story, my evening in...
  14. Got a Kick A$$ Garage?... Post it Here! 🏡

    Lol thanks! To be fair I heavily envy the ultra-spacious, ultra-clean garage/hangout areas on here. Has me now in my "pining to retire and build Factory Fives the rest of my days" days wanting to gut the entire shop, grind the floors, start from scratch with a nice tile floor, better mini...
  15. Something's wrong with the suspension

    Yours will work on/align/ etc. Broncos with lifts/Aftermarket suspension components? If so, great! Ya'll are awesome. I got turned down by 3 local dealerships for an alignment (literally said they won't even look at a vehicle that is not stock height). All 3 same story, same outcome. Took it...
  16. Red bed liner sprayed Bronco Raptor

    Thanks for the common sense! In all actuality the product weighs about 11 lbs per gallon. If you even used 2 gallons to heavy-coat a vehicle, that's 22 lbs. Then subtract the solvents and VOC's that evaporate/cure out of it. Nowhere near 500.
  17. Red bed liner sprayed Bronco Raptor

    I'm on both sides of this here fence on this thing. I've been contemplating repainting vs. lining mine when the day comes that it needs either. Lining the whole thing is good rugged utility for off-roading where paint damage is a high probability. And it can look really good, rugged, and just...
  18. Got a Kick A$$ Garage?... Post it Here! 🏡

    Talk about some garage envy! Some of these absolutely amazing garages have me in awe. Mine is more of a "Shop" vs. Garage, and kinda planned it that way. A lot of work goes on in here, from blasting and plasma cutting to final paint and buff, rewiring, etc. But man, how awesome would it be to...
  19. Anyone “hit” 100,000 miles yet? 50,000?

    18 months almost and about to trip 32K. Zero impactful/hurtful issues or need to take it in. Aligned a couple of times after me messing with a lift and changing out the worn-out Stock Territories. Commute is only about 30 miles per day, so the majority is adventure-miles.