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  1. Update: Rear Axle Tube - 1200 Miles Warranty Covered

    Gittens and Healey were quite clear that the unmodified, stock Broncos, SAS on down, were not breaking. Its the aftermarket upgrades that mostly cause breakage, and its there that the limits, and the weaknesses are going to be discovered. Then the solutions to the weaknesses . . . Then more...
  2. Update: Rear Axle Tube - 1200 Miles Warranty Covered

    That makes sense, its the front axles that are different, rears all the same, so my hypotheses is wrong!
  3. Update: Rear Axle Tube - 1200 Miles Warranty Covered

    Im no expert, but I've been told that the SAS axle is heavier duty that the non-sas axles. I dont know which category the non-SAS Badlands falls into, just thinking out loud.
  4. Update: Rear Axle Tube - 1200 Miles Warranty Covered

    As I understand, this is the 4.46 non-SAS Badlands Axle. The only model with a 4.46 axle. Is this Axle the same duty rating and housing as ths orher non-SAS Broncos like my OBX 4.27 rear locker Axle, or is the stronger, heavier duty axle housing that is used in all 4.7 SAS axles? I'm thinking...
  5. Headed to OBX next month. Do I need protectant spray on the undercarriage?

    My family 1967 Scout was a rustbucket, as were our 1970s vehicles, so when Ziebart innovated a flexible inner panel & frame coating, I used it for several decades if it was a new vehicle. I also Ziebarted inside the box-frame of my steel, painted boat trailer, and it had no rust after 15 years...
  6. Another Bad Hard Top That Ford Dealership Refuses to Fix

    Well . . . There's this that explains how the top can be improved, but you have to give up the open top option that the mid-panel provides!
  7. 2023 Badlands dangerous unintended acceleration while in four-wheel-drive low

    Sometimes my knee hits the shift lever, and downshifts the car by hitting the +- buttons, causing wierd acceleration/deceleration. The effect would be more pronounced in Lo.
  8. F150 2.7 vs Bronco 2.7 - Help

    I had a 2016 F150 XLT Crew Cab Sport for 5 years, and then traded that for my 4dr OBX, Non-SAS. If you're looking for a comparison of the advantages of owning each vehicle, I can share that experience. The only drivetrain upgrade I've done to Bronco is upgrade to Badlands Take-offs, 285/70R17...
  9. MY23 OBX Leather “No Charge”?

    Thats very cool, good for you to get this small blessing. And you have an honest dealer! I paid $2,100 for my leather in 2021, and I got it partly because I wanted the infinitely adjustable leather seats. The roast/onyx has worn well. My total price was $51,500, but that included High, Rear...
  10. On the beach in Homer, Alaska

    Love the beach dark sand and rock! Not what we're used to here back East in the Outer Banks! Its nice to have such capable vehicle for beach riding. 50° and sunshine is what March is like in NC. Enjoy your excellent car on the beach. Never been there!
  11. Broncbuster Bronco flipped.. what happened?

    Restart: can anyone speak to what is required to restart a Bronco after the air bag deployed? No lock-out system preventing restart?
  12. Some new choices for less aggressive A/T tires

    I'm re-writing yesterday's response now that I've had another day on the beach. I really like these tires, for my use they're ideal, driving 20,000 miles/year. I need a comfortable, responsive, quiet road tire, that can handle rain downpours, feels safe on the highway, inspires confidence during...
  13. Basesquatch overland build with dual battery setup

    I ended up buying a Dometic PLB40 so if it burns, its on them! And I assume they've wired it right! But the OP'S AGM solution is intriguing.
  14. Single best modification you've made on your Bronco!?

    Does that require 91 or 93 octane? Thats my primary reluctance, a lifetime of 50+ cents/gallon gasoline expense!
  15. Basesquatch overland build with dual battery setup

    Nice to know! Fascinating discussion. I was also thinking that, but couldnt get over my worries about buried, inaccessible lithium and the remote possibility of fire.
  16. Basesquatch overland build with dual battery setup

    Say more about your battery choices?! I went round and round about worries about buried, inaccessible lithium, either where you put yours or in the passenger rear panel area you have your connectors & chargers, etc? I didnt know there was a comparable AGM. Didnt know that AGM was safe to lay...
  17. Bronco First Edition 2-Door 1/25 Scale Model Kit from AMT

    I wanted the Capable bumper on my 2021 OBX, because I wanted sturdy metal, it could handle the OEM fog lights and the sensors, and it looked nice. I have no need for a winch, so no need for modular. Unfortunately, it was axed for 2021 non-SAS models, so I have plastic. I still might add it if...
  18. PSA: Don't let dealer remove fender flares without confirming they have replacement push pins in stock

    "Flares"? They didnt remove the "flares", they removed the whole fender! Thats not too common, I think . . .
  19. Total loss... 🤦🏼‍♂️ Engine bay fire burned down my Bronco

    How sad! Gives new meaning to the word "total loss!" I hope you find out "why?"!