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  1. Is it needed to lock the Bronco when you walk away?

    That is some bad advise. Most car "break-ins" are thieves lifting door handles until they find one unlocked. I can understand not locking your doors if you live in SF or some other poorly run city that is soft on crime where the criminal wants in no matter what, but most of us don't live in...
  2. What to expect running -38 offset wheels?

    I can't remember how much lift it actually has and whether it is over Base, BL or Squatch. If I remember, when I get home this evening I can measure against my wifes stock OBX-Squatch to compare ride heights. As far as other components: Wheels: Warn Jack Hammers 17" x 8.5" 00 offset Tires...
  3. What to expect running -38 offset wheels?

    Why -38? That is a huge negative offset which will add unwanted additional stress, especially coupled with 37's. If you just like the looks of that much poke, maybe consider a 00 offset and standard flares instead of Squatch. Here is the best pic I could find of my BL that shows the poke with...
  4. Headed to OBX next month. Do I need protectant spray on the undercarriage?

    I lived in VA Beach for almost ten years, never had an undercarriage coated and never had any issues. I am sure a bunch of our FL members will tell you the same. I wouldn't go treating the undercarriage just for a trip to OBX. As mentioned, run it through the wash on your way out of town and...
  5. Ford Website Price vs Actual

    Your dealer should be able to tell you their doc fees Registration and titling fees are different in each state Destination and delivery is listed on the summary sheet of your build You can look up Ohio's new vehicle tax on the internet A/Z plan is roughly 0.96 times list price. I get the...
  6. Missing hooks in trunk ?

    Only if you bought the optional door bags.

    Not necessarily. Ford would rather delay the start of MY24 production than cancel a bunch of VINs. MY21 & MY22 production both were extended several weeks so they could get scheduled units built.

    MY22 production started in mid December. MY24 production is scheduled to begin in mid October. Currently the latest reported build date is August 14th so that would leave 8 or 9 weeks of open MY23 scheduling.
  9. Wildtrak with Vinyl Floor and Drain Plugs installed! Finally!

    Try some 3M double sided tape? Project looks good.
  10. HERITAGE EDITION Bronco Club

    If you have a MYTO rebate from an early reservation it can be applied to an HE. Retail Price Protection is designed to protect against price increases from the time Ford accepts the order until the time it is actually delivered (however, it doesn't span model years). Study up on the flowchart...
  11. Suspension/Steering Upgrade Install Sequence?

    Measure the existing so you can get the new ones "close enough." You are going to want to have a professional alignment done anyway after installing all those front end mods.
  12. King Ranch Bronco?

    That's a lot of reading into of one word. My guess of a work version would be similar to Base in options but with MGV and washout interiors and standard tow package, maybe thrown in a heavy duty alternator. As far as a KR version is concerned...with the Bronco, Ford skewed away from their...
  13. First ever front tow hitch - DIY custom made

    5 minutes in a cad program and a laser cutter would have made easy work out that bracket. I hate to think of how much time and energy you spent drilling and cutting those bolt holes. Also, for version 2.0 I would suggest cutting out the center of the plate for the receiver hitch to nest in...
  14. New order process

    For BRaptors, the dealer choose which unit(s) they want built when Ford gives them an allocation.
  15. Suspension/Steering Upgrade Install Sequence?

    Not really. Just use common sense and make sure you are not installing a new part that will need to be removed to install one of your other mods. I would disassemble down to the rack and then reassemble your way out with all your new parts.
  16. So my badlands.. rock rails?

    If only there was a way people could know this kind of info before taking delivery.
  17. My Bronco Listed on the Dealer Site

    Completely normal, still. Most dealer inventory is automatically uploaded.
  18. 🗓️ Bronco Scheduling Raptor Only This Week (5/25/23). Stop Build / Production Delay on Heritage & Heritage Limited

    One of the long vanished insiders had mentioned that but I don't think it was ever confirmed anywhere.
  19. Bronco owner vandalizes Moab rock during Bronco Safari; UBC helps with restoration

    I get that, and a quick drivers meeting would be for returning participants. But if tread lightly is truly a concern then even the most hardcore rock-crawler should be willing to sit through a 30 minute class no matter their age, experience or skill level. If not, then this whole tread lightly...
  20. Bronco owner vandalizes Moab rock during Bronco Safari; UBC helps with restoration

    A simple solution would be that all sponsored off-road events (Bronco Safari, Jeep Jamboree, whatever) have a basic off-road etiquette education class for all new participants. -If this is the first time you have registered for this specific event: 30 minute class. -You participated 3 years...