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  1. Bronco Moment X - New Color Shown?

    Looks a bit like Sedona Orange on the escape
  2. Big Bend??

    If you didn't option the Mid package and are planning on changing the wheels out, the base is a better value. If you're looking for most of the features available in a modern vehicle, Big Bend w/Mid is the best bet.
  3. 2021 Ford F-150 Owners Are Already Facing Rust, Corrosion Issues

    Because its bare metal. Its high strength steel that only develops surface oxides like cast iron, it wont rust through like regular steel so they dont bother painting it.
  4. Delivery Inspection To Do's (w/ Checklist)

    Its cosmetic and happens to almost all vehicles shipped via car carriers in the winter.
  5. Closeups of Black Diamond Antimatter Blue 4-Door Bronco

    I stopped by my dealer to take a look at The new F150 about a month ago on a cloudy day. It's so dark I didn't even realize it was AMB until I read the window sticker.
  6. Diesel Bronco possible for 2022?

    Very true, diesel vehicles make up the largest category of "mechanical" repossessions for new vehicle loans. Basically the repairs are so expensive they exceed the value of the vehicle so the owners just abondon them and allow them to be repossessed.
  7. Baldy-locks and the 3 Sasquatches

    Well it depends on what kind of off roading you are doing with it. I've seen no evidence that the "high" IP actually equates to anything, or at least anything significant. A sas 2.7 BB is virtually the same as a mid wildtrack except for some cosmetic details, and the ability to get...
  8. Another KOH Bronco Video - Off Roading Reaction + Walk Around

    It's a bit hard to tell in a video, but the interior seems very quiet. In my father in laws Gladiator Rubicon you really have to raise you voice to talk to each other just cruising on the highway.
  9. Opening the doors and windows dropping...??

    The windows originally did not retract, but Ford added that feature after they found excessive damage to the seals. So I would assume that, while it does cause some damage, opening your doors like that a few times a year would not be an issue. Also I'm in Michigan and used to have that problem...
  10. Fully Loaded BB or Badlands

    If you are fine with 33's and prefer the MGV then badlands is a good choice. If you have any inclination towards 35's that 2k difference will easily grow to 4-6k in the future, especially since you will need a re-gear with the auto.
  11. Squatch or Not?

    Does it look? A. Badass=Hell yeah it's squatched! B. Pretty Good=Badlands that a Ford Flex?=Outerbanks
  12. Spotted in Michigan today

    It looks like its smiling. It's still a badass truck, but they should have done more with the front end.
  13. Badlands vs wild track. I can’t decide.

    I'm leaning towards Wildtrack. I think the interior will be quieter and more comfortable with the leather/carpet vs MGV. With rubber floor liners(what I have now in my truck) I just take them out and hose them off anyway. Dont need the washout. I dont need the steel bumpers, they just rust...
  14. 2021 Bronco Quick Reference Guide! PDF 📄

    It does, but to get the wireless CarPlay you need the Mid package. On the base you need to plug your phone in.
  15. I cancelled my reservation master thread

    Exactly. This is the reason I want to get back into an SUV. The pickup dosent work well with kids, dogs, luggage etc.
  16. In-Person Closeup Pics of 2-Door Bronco Wildtrak at Ricart Ford + Impressions

    So do we all still hate the sandstone interior, or is it ok to option it?...asking for a friend.
  17. Sign up for Michigan dealer events to see the Bronco in person!

    My dealer told me last week that they will have a Bronco on march 20th for reservation holders to see, and that's the same date for my dealer on the list.
  18. 8" vs 12" screen photos?

    Thats probably a personal preference. I actually quite like it on the new F150 because it's far away and off to the side more, but in the Bronco its closer to your face. Some people will probably find it distracting.
  19. 8" vs 12" screen photos?

    It's really hard to get sense of the size of the 12in pictures, I was quite shocked when I saw it in person. It looks like someone stuck a tv on the dashboard. I actually thought it was quite distracting, but I also hate that cheezy looking ring around the 8in screen.
  20. Who else is dealing with this?

    I think its really a brilliant marketing strategy by Ford. Most non enthusiasts seem completely confused by it and think the sport IS the Bronco that everyone is talking about. My local dealer has sold 46 already, most within a few days of delivery. It's a nice little CUV and all, but without...