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  1. 2023 Heritage Edition Bronco in Azure Gray Metallic w/ white MOD top -- first look walkaround

    No offense to anyone, but gosh that's ugly!!! To each their own, though.
  2. UCA Upper Control Arms Explained (Very relevant to our Broncos and the IFS)

    Great video! He had me at trigonometry. Love seeing data-driven examinations. Enginerding is cool.
  3. Lite Brite Takes Bronco Raptor Extreme Wheeling

    Oh wait, I watched a different one. I'll have to check this one out too.
  4. Lite Brite Takes Bronco Raptor Extreme Wheeling

    Such a crazy video! Weird to see him so giddy about a Bronco. Astonished at the performance of the Braptor!!!
  5. 📬 2023 Bronco production scheduled build emails now going out! Gets yours yet?

    Right? There's a reason they still have 'em. I offered 5K over for one about a month ago out of curiosity and impatience. They told me "we're still 20K apart on that one. Good luck."
  6. 📬 2023 Bronco production scheduled build emails now going out! Gets yours yet?

    That's the other cherry on top...no, they refuse to have the MSRP conversation by any means that leaves a record. When it came down to agreeing it was always a phone call or a handshake. To the extent that they actively avoid it in any replies. At original order, they wanted 2.5K mark up. I...
  7. 📬 2023 Bronco production scheduled build emails now going out! Gets yours yet?

    I finally received my order has been submitted email... Making it oh-so-obvious that my dealership was waiting to submit customer orders to get dealer stock. Screw you Phil Long Ford!!! I'm out. Ensuring my order is cancelled so they can't keep it. Reporting to @Ford Motor Company (not that...
  8. ⏰ 2023 Bronco Scheduling Begins! -- Starting Next Week (10/3) For 2023MY Production Build Weeks 11/4 Through 11/28

    Because they can wait until the 11/21 deadline and instead get a bunch of dealer stock orders to sell with ADM. All the weeks listed here...if you've got 30 allocations and not a one customer order converted, what do you get? Thirty 4-door soft top Big Bends to sell. That's what my dealer is...
  9. My rant. My rave. My novel. An ode to dealers who suck!

    I started this as a "23 Conversions - Known Dealers Avoiding Conversions" post. And then, well... _____ I thought I'd start a thread for anyone that knows their dealer is actively avoiding the conversion process. I'm sure this will get ugly, but the goal is just those dealers actually...
  10. Need to Order a 2023 Bronco Raptor for the lot, what color should I order?

    The white with the graphic is pretty nice! I've got family in the area. Would gladly come visit for a Raptor!
  11. 2023 Bronco Allocation is Based on These 2 Factors

    My dealership is fine. My individual rep is the worst. Made it very clear when I put my order in that he's "interested in making money now" and my order means pretty much nothing to him. Now I've been blatantly ignored for two weeks. Email, text, even stopped by the dealership...won't even...
  12. Is the Tow Package still a constraint?

    They get a little warning pop up that says it's a constrained item and to consider a dealer installed option. They can override it and select the tow package anyway. I'm with ya...seems like it's showing up a lot now. I have all the constraints anyway, so whatever! 2 door, 2.7, mod bumper...
  13. Azure Gray Metallic 2023 Bronco (w/ new rock rails design) -- first look sighting

    Don't do it. New B&P says it replaces the rock rails now. Basically you trade 1.5x vehicle weight bearing steel rails for aluminum hoop step mounts. Unfortunately.
  14. 2023 Bronco Allocation is Based on These 2 Factors

    How long did a "non-constrained" order take to get a build date. That is, when did you order the Tremor? I want to get something to keep me from watching this Bronco mess so closely. I'll get it when I get it mentality is really hard right now haha!
  15. 🔐 RE- ORDER BANKS for 2023MY BRONCO are OPEN!

    Guess I'll have to on Monday. Disabled so a bit more than just a "stop by" for me, but it's what I'm gonna have to do! I don't expect them to be much help on the $1,000 Ford Accessibility program either. Getting this bitch converted for hand driving so I can get back on the mountain! Maybe the...
  16. Prices must be going down.

    Phil Long is about 25K over for anything on their lot. For shits and giggles, I offered 5K over sticker on loaded Badlands. They told me "we're still 20K apart..."
  17. 🔐 RE- ORDER BANKS for 2023MY BRONCO are OPEN!

    My dealer is seemingly pulling the same shit. Will not respond and does not seem interested in playing their part before Oct 6. Likely to get as many stock orders as they can unfortunately. Seems like a really shady loophole to play in. Dealership franchise laws suck!
  18. NO price protection????

    Can you link? I can find the original FAQ, but if you have the new one it'd be much appreciated!
  19. 🔗 2023 Bronco Build and Price Page [Link Update!]

    Careful...the hoops steps now remove the weight bearing rock rails and replace them with garbage.