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  1. Show Us Your Coolers! (Not Fridges)

    We own two of these 35 quart coolers. They are great!
  2. Show Us Your Coolers! (Not Fridges)

    https://www.diversdirect.com/p/orca-35-qt-liddup-cooler Best cooler ever!!
  3. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    Mine arrived in Louisville at 9:21 this morning. I just checked and it is still there and will make it to Nashville tomorrow at 11:59 am.
  4. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    Haha…that is exactly how it has happened!!
  5. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    Lol! My railcar is PW 190231. The computer cannot decipher “p”, it guess e, t, c, z
  6. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    Has anyone received a picture of their Bronco at the production plant?
  7. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    I am in Nashville, TN and just called CSX. My railcar is now in Louisville, KY and will arrive in Nashville tomorrow at 12:00 noon. I have never heard of a "bad ordered". See if you can get someone from CSX on the phone to explain what that means.
  8. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    The incentives automatically renew every quarter, so do not worry about that!
  9. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    I am so sorry to hear that Dan! What in the world does that mean!?
  10. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    This morning the Ford tracker now shows "shipped"!
  11. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    This is great, thanks! My Bronco has not moved far in three days. It is still in Wayne, MI.
  12. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    I was able to get my railcar number. Can someone post the link to look up the car?
  13. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    Can someone drop the link to the Ford chat? I want to try to get my railcar number
  14. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    Don’t use the bot chat, call and speak with a live person. That may be true in a perfect world, but this is not reality for me. Mine has been in transit since 5/20 and just moved to “order confirmed” at 3:00 this afternoon.
  15. Another Bad Hard Top That Ford Dealership Refuses to Fix

    I am shocked that your warranty claim was denied! This is not quality and no reasonable person could argue that this is acceptable. This does not meet the definition of quality!
  16. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    That could not tell me where my Bronco was located nor could they give me a railcar #.
  17. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    Okay…there is a pattern developing here! My tracker through this afternoon has been steady at “built”. I called yesterday and it reportedly shipped 5/20. I was happy to hear that, but still concerned why that was not reflected on the tracker. I was told yesterday that things had not updated...
  18. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    It could make it from MI to SC in 24-48 hours. That is the quick part. What could slow things down again is off loading the train, unloading a convoy, and the short drive to the dealership.
  19. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    I just got off the phone with Ford and was told my vehicle shipped 5/20. It is scheduled to arrive 5/27. The gentleman could not give me an update as to where it was in transit. He said there has not been an update in his system since it shipped on the 20th. For the record the tracker shows...