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  1. Georgia WTB non-Sasquatch unpainted flares for 2dr

    Looking to purchase non Sasquatch unpainted flares for a 2dr. Thanks in advance.
  2. Georgia WTB standard black flares 2dr

    Right on. Let me know what you are thinking price wise.
  3. Georgia WTB standard black flares 2dr

    Looking to purchase new or used 2dr standard "non Sasquatch" fender flares. Thanks is advance.
  4. GoRhino DSS Steps / Sliders installed on 2021 Bronco Badlands

    Good thread thread and best looking side step so far. How is the grip based on the textured finish when wet? Is there enough or would you add/ord they have the option a little more textured for less possible slip on the tubular part? TIA
  5. 🛠 12/20/21 Build Week Group

    I called Ford on a whim today. 33min wait to be hung up on. Called back and less than 2 mins I was speaking w a Bronco marketing team representative. After giving her the intel, she responded that your Bronco was moved to production Dec. 14th and was being built today. Bumped from 12/13 to...
  6. 🛠 12/20/21 Build Week Group

    Figured I would try the order # and VIN # in the tracker and its saying not a correct VIN. Ive tracked it for weeks now. Today with each number submitted being wrong, I went to my ford account and it says "You have no orders or reservation"... I emailed my dealer POC and he said "yes your...
  7. 🛠 12/20/21 Build Week Group

    I was bumped also to 12/20 and just thought I'd try calling Ford for once and seeing what they say. The young lady was cool and after I gave her the 411 she needed, she came back with "Your Bronco had been moved to the assembly area (parts) and has a scheduled build date of 12/21..." Thats all...
  8. 🛠 12/20/21 Build Week Group

    Never got an email in regards to the "in production". I was bumped to the 12/20 build date and since the tracker was down, I decided to call. I was told my Bronco was being moved to assemble all the parts and is scheduled for a 12/21 build date. Better than no news. 2dr Badllands Iconic...