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  1. To Sasquatch or not to Sasquatch, lots of Cons!

    all good points , I think it will be a good choice no matter which version you choose , I'm pretty sure today I'm down for the base plus the sasq , I'm not much for all the creature comforts and I think I know how to drive and don't need the software driving it for me . If I kne the 3.o or a V-8...
  2. Rear Axle Ratio Questions

    then I might be back in the Base model with sasq pckg
  3. Rear Axle Ratio Questions

    so does that complex T-case come with Sasq pckg ?
  4. Rear Axle Ratio Questions

    you mean you cant select " auto 4 hi " on the fly with the lower t-case ?
  5. Rear Axle Ratio Questions

    whats the differences in the two T-cases ? is one stronger ? if you got the base with sasq pck which t-case would you get ?
  6. What! An advantage of IFS in rock crawling??

    What are you referint to when you say ' Skids " ?
  7. Anybody else getting over the initial hype?

    Still hyped , just wish that build configurator would be released so we can build and see what the costs are .
  8. Are these extra G.O.A.T modes worth it?

    I feel its only going to be a benefit to me on icy roads as it shifts the power output between the front and rear and left and right . In the sand and mud and Baja i li ke the thought of holding it in gear longer to stay in the power band . Im not totally sold on all the modes , 7 in total I...
  9. What’s after Moab?

    I'm with you brother .
  10. Break-in period?

    take it to a local speed shop and pay for 1 hour of dyno time , then dump the oil , recheck the numbers and your off to the races .
  11. What’s after Moab?

    The rocks are conquered lets see some different stuff like some good sand dune running and also some good mud runs and some deserted forest roads with some nice drifting .
  12. Cactus Gray and Area 51

    to the op , can please do the same photo shop info for the cactus gray and cyber orange and i hate to say it but for the black as well thanks in advance
  13. Swaybar disconnect. Worth the upgrade to badlands?

    the on board logic is no longer controlled by the operator !! lol
  14. Swaybar disconnect. Worth the upgrade to badlands?

    Just have to select the right goat mode to override the mode with the HERO panel switches . We need that configuarator so we know what we are paying for , so we can build the right one .

    there are lots of aluminum heads on cast iron blocks running around that have had the head gasket fail , there are tolerances and if adhered to and a quality re-surface has been conducted it should meet the acceptable repair practices and be returned to service good as the next .
  16. Birth of a "Wildlands"

    Put men down for one , I'm still fooling with all the possible builds in my head , csnt wait for the prices to be attached to list .
  17. BIG TIRES SUCK! And Here's Why :-)

    back to the 35'' tires versus the 33'' tires When configured through Ford which one has the mechanical advantage 35 or 33 ? Do you have to get the Sasquatch package to get the larger 210 diffs ? if no does the numerically lower geared one also have 210 diff ? Are all 210 diffs cast iron ...

    interesting to say the least , thanks So, do you think there is a a larger CGI Sintercast engine in the works for the blue oval ?
  19. Base Model Bronco Thread

    I agree but if ordering and planning on using a SasQuatch then i think Ill also use the hyd sway bar disconnect