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  1. Ford should have THIS available in the US

    I hadn't been active on here in a while... logged in just to comment ICK... Keep the everest aka an overinflated ford escape out of here.
  2. Horror story turned reality

    Horror Story? That's dramatic I've had a similar experience except I've received no bronco. I'd call it a huge pain in the arse, but not a horror story.
  3. Grumper

    I forget which website had it, but there was a site that you could accessorize your bronco digitally and one of the options was something similar to this. I hate it, but to each their own.
  4. Teaser for Jurassic Park Bronco Raptor renders!

    Did you try opening your eyes or putting on your spectacles, Buck Rogers?
  5. Pulled for Bronco Raptor and told it's going to cost $5k over MSRP

    If you do want the Braptor, take it at the 5k adm. .... Regular smegular Broncos are being gouged for much more than that. That said, if you'd rather just have your original bronco build at MSRP, I'd say work that out with your dealer. Either way there's gonna be waiting. Personally, if I could...
  6. Ford to phase out Sync in 2023

    Unless you live in the woods unibomber style with no connection to the outside world, you're being tracked somehow, some way.... That aside, I'm glad their getting rid of Sync.... It's barely ok as an OS and even that took over a decade.
  7. Daytona Johnny got himself a Bronco

    All I can say is how the hell does this hillbilly have a bronco, and I do not..... :cautious:
  8. $4,838 ADM unreasonable on a Wildtrack Hardtop?

    It might seem like a deal now, BUT, in due time the market is going to stabilize and the 4k over price "investment" is going to evaporate. All depends on how you feel about paying that amount. Like they say "you can't be a boss, until you take a loss' lol or is it "paid the cost to be the...
  9. May be the best looking Bronco yet

    Best looking? Where!?
  10. [UPDATE - I'm SOL] Golf Mill Ford Stole my Bronco

    This is exactly why the dealership model needs to die. Ford would make much much more money if they sold directly to the consumers. Makes 0 sense why they'd allow scummy dealers to rake in practically double what the msrp is that doesn't really go into Fords pocket. If anything, ford should do...
  11. [UPDATE - I'm SOL] Golf Mill Ford Stole my Bronco

    Just out of curiosity, if someone falls into a similar stearlership trap, with documentation for msrp, who would need to be sent letters from a personal lawyer to get their attention at the dealership? just the sales manager, or would it be better to send one to sales manager, gm, and salesperson?
  12. When would MY23 begin?

    So with Next week ordering being stopped for Ford to "catch up", my situation (dealer botched my day 1 order and is allegedly giving me an allocated match to what I originally wanted), worst case, when would the MY change to 23 provided Ford catches up on all of their MY22 backlog? October...
  13. Who else is losing hope?

    "HOLD MY BEER"... I was a day 1 res.... dealer botched my order....no bronco in sight any time soon for me, the car market looks to have gotten even WORSE than it was, and I really think my dealer won't think twice to just "forget" about me and the alleged "allocation/top priority" for my...
  14. Wheel well lights?

    I know people probably hate these, but I've always thought they were cool on jeeps and trucks. Has anyone added any wheel well lighting to the bronco? I'd love to add some rgb lights so I can run matching green lighting on my eruption green bronco (if it ever materializes)
  15. 6x6 Bronco spotted

    that ain't no bronco thats a CENTAUR. 🤪
  16. Is it true you cannot bolt on a Ford modular steel bumper to replace a stock plastic bumper on a 2021 Base Bronco?

    Could be wrong, but going off the quoted member post as well as the other member that chimed in about doing it, again, its not a simple bolt on regardless....
  17. Custom Graphics Full Vehicle Wrap. Door Jams! Roll Bar! Grill Letters! and More!

    Probably the best wrap I've seen so far. Wish ford would've gone a similar route with the everglades decals instead of the small little decal they added.
  18. Is it true you cannot bolt on a Ford modular steel bumper to replace a stock plastic bumper on a 2021 Base Bronco?

    its not as easy at a "bolt on" part, there's cutting involved, I believe the thread I pasted shows the tow hooks are welded in and they had to cut some other things. It's probably better to just buy an aftermarket one after the fact.
  19. Is it true you cannot bolt on a Ford modular steel bumper to replace a stock plastic bumper on a 2021 Base Bronco?

    its not impossible, but a huge pain in the butt. There's a member on here that already did it and documented as such... https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/changed-out-standard-bumper-for-heavy-duty-modular-bumper.23814/ also you can only add it to the build before it has a vin, not before...