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  1. My '21 and my Dad's '72

    Photos posted :)
  2. My '21 and my Dad's '72

    Here is a link to an imgur post with a bunch of pictures of the '21. Got the roof and doors off and it looks great!
  3. My '21 and my Dad's '72

    Not sure if you saw my other reply but Im going to do a small shoot with the '21 today and will post pictures tonight probably. Its a 2 door
  4. My '21 and my Dad's '72

    Gotta be honest I think the '21 might take it 😂
  5. My '21 and my Dad's '72

    Man I am so tempted to do the top and trim on mine white. Even if I dont paint or wrap the body yet I think itd look amazing
  6. My '21 and my Dad's '72

    '21 is a 2 door big bend. I'll get pics of the '72 next time I swing by my old mans house
  7. My '21 and my Dad's '72

    Alright. Cant get pics right now but I can definetly give you driving impressions. The '72 has a 308 paired with a 3 on the tree. Has the stock drum brakes and no power steering. The '21 has the 2.7 and 10 speed auto. Just off the bat, the '21 is super comfortable to drive and be in. It handles...
  8. My '21 and my Dad's '72

    Past meets present. They both rock. Here are some pics of the '21
  9. Anyone get their Bronco yet from the 7/19 Build?

    Missouri here. Built on 20th, shipped 23rd, picking up tonight
  10. Any idea where my car could be?

    Got to the dealer today and im pickin it up tonight!
  11. Any idea where my car could be?

    Can confirm it is not there. No clue where it could be
  12. Any idea where my car could be?

    Just got off the phone with them and theyre saying mine isnt there but could be today. Just dont understand why the tracker would be showing null. Said they have one there but its not mine
  13. Any idea where my car could be?

    So my Bronco was shipped convoy on the 23rd. Last night I checked the JCT tracker and it said my car had been dispatched from the local hub to my dealer. Today the tracker says the vin and tracking info is null. What could have happened?
  14. What orders are being held?

    Got my built email the 20th and my shipped email this morning. 2dr BB MIC mid tow package
  15. System Glitch - Your Bronco is Built

    My tracker shows in production but dealer says it was built the 2nd
  16. Help me figure out my order info.

    So my sales guy informed me today that my bronco has been built!
  17. Help me figure out my order info.

    Its also worth noting that it didnt say "in production" until the 2nd or 3rd
  18. Help me figure out my order info.

    So tracker says in production. Blend date shows 07/19 and bottom of sticker says 07/04. Any idea whats going on?
  19. Possible to change my order after VIN is given?

    So update here. Color for me cant be updated because I have an assigned build date, not week. So Area 51 will have to do for me, but thats okay!