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  1. Where can I get a rear black bronco badge?

    Where can I get one? Pic for attention, it is on back order at the dealer.
  2. Where can I buy the door bags besides Ford?

    Is there anywhere else I can buy the door storage bags besides Ford? For a 4 door that ships to Canada.
  3. Bronco won’t come off cruise control

    My bronco won’t display the correct screen, and display the larger tachometer, anyone one else having this issue? When you hit the button it only engages cruise. It’s suppose to move to the bigger tachometer.
  4. FM radio goes fuzzy when rigid lights are turned on.

    Anyone have any solutions on why the FM radio goes fuzzy when I turn on the rigid mirror lights, I installed this stubby antenna from craven speed it looks sweet but the radio goes fuzzy when I turn on the mirror lights. I don’t have this problem with the factory antenna. Any solutions welcome!
  5. Canada - Newfoundland Brand new Badlands wheels and tires for sale!

    Brand new Badlands wheels and tires for sale shipping from Canada.
  6. Badlands with 35’s vs sas outer banks

    My dealer has a sas outer banks I dropped in for a look here’s some pics.
  7. Little off-roading adventure in my fifteen52 badlands!

    Decided to share some pics! 9000 km and going strong!
  8. Canada - Newfoundland Selling 5 brand new standard badlands wheels and tires

    Any takers? Comes with BFG ko2’s
  9. Canada - Newfoundland Selling 5 brand new standard badlands wheels and tires

    Any takers? Comes with BFG ko2’s will ship from Canada
  10. Got my “Recalled” hard top letter from Ford Canada today!

    This is going to cost them a nice chunk of change I’d say!
  11. Installed my new gloss black bronco badges.

    Attached some pics, i think it looks great ♠️ Waiting for my black bucking bronco for the rear, it’s been over a month with it on back order.
  12. 5500 Km update and impressions!

    Had my bronco over a month and I am enjoying every minute, well built, nice to drive compared to a jeep, lots of power from the v6, plenty of room, electronics work well only thing I had happen was the 12” screen stopped working I gad to disconnect the negative battery terminal, it never...
  13. Installed Molle bags on lift table.

    Looks tactical. I dig it.
  14. Installed my fold down table today!

    Bit of a pain to install, drilling into the bronco is hard on the nerves, not a really good installation but it works, had to put some foam to stop the rattling but it doesn’t rattle much now, make sure you drill the correct size holes..
  15. New Rigid 360 lights installed on mirrors

    Had my rigid 360 lights installed today at a local shop I dig it. For those wondering I bought them on Amazon it’s the 360 series 36117 the driving version. $530 installed Canadian, It was the most affordable as the spot and hyperspot were 3-$400 more expensive. The amount of moose accidents...
  16. Canada - Newfoundland 33” standard wheels and ko2 tires for sale

    Selling 5 of my wheels and tires! They are brand new! Located in Newfoundland Canada! Attached are pictures. Took them off the day I took home the bronco. Comes with lug nuts and sensors.
  17. Bronco on 35’s can fit in an 7’ feet garage door

    For those wondering here’s some pics!
  18. Dealer wants $1400 for an install of $80 leveling kit.

    There’s finally a leveling kit available for a badlands from rough country, it’s only $80 Canadian, dealer said they have to install to stay covered under warranty. I don’t have a problem with that, but they want to charge me $1400, if I go somewhere else to install my warranty is voided I bailed.
  19. Some pictures of my bronco with the top off!

    Just because…
  20. Does anyone know where I can get 2 stick on 66’ bronco badges?

    Not the actual drill holes in the fender types.