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  1. Mall Crawler Turned Off-Roader

    Was originally going to go with the ADD stealth fighter front bumper but from a lead time and cost stand point I’ve decided to just go with the factory mod bumper i have and do some mods to it. First up i was able to find a 40inch BD on6x arc combo bar that i will be mounting to the safari bar...
  2. DIY Paint Color Match Sasquatch Fender Flares

    The primer is determined by the color you are doing so if you go to the store for paint you can ask what the recommended primer color is for velocity blue. I just used commercial wax and grease remover.
  3. Mall Crawler Turned Off-Roader

    I haven’t done it yet. funny you should’ve read the actual post of me saying I’m buying some 17s for it as well so that should make you happy!
  4. Mall Crawler Turned Off-Roader

    I never said it would be a rock crawler i live in az a lot of it will be Baja style off roading. Put a layer of ppf and then the vinyl wrap I’m going to be doing on the whole bronco will be more then enough to protect it.
  5. DIY Paint Color Match Sasquatch Fender Flares

    Here they are mounted up just need a wet sand and buff later today
  6. Mall Crawler Turned Off-Roader

    Lol so i made it a mall crawler at first as some would call it but it’s going to be transformed in to an off-roader over the next couple months 😂 still rocking painted flares off road tho lol. I do wraps, ppf, tint, ceramic, body kits, wheels, and basic bolt on performance parts.
  7. Mall Crawler Turned Off-Roader

    T That’s what ppf film is for
  8. Mall Crawler Turned Off-Roader

    I still enjoy the look of these wheels and yes they aren’t for everyone but that’s why we all have our own broncos
  9. DIY Paint Color Match Sasquatch Fender Flares

    Once they’ve been used to apply a ceramic coating they’re basically useless 😂
  10. Mall Crawler Turned Off-Roader

    Next up is my DIY color matched flare project that I’m sure a decent amount of you have seen now. There are details on how i did it in a separate thread.
  11. Mall Crawler Turned Off-Roader

    Got the zroadz dual mount in and installed that along with the white pods. I love the look of the dual pods on the mirrors it really works nicely.
  12. Mall Crawler Turned Off-Roader

    Next i threw on the 22x12s with a 35/13.50/22 on them that i had from my first edition sitting around. This is where things take a left turn from my plan. While these performed surprisingly well off road for what they are I’ve decided I’m going to get a set of 17 inch black rhinos as well so i...
  13. Mall Crawler Turned Off-Roader

    First mod for the time being was to add a single set of Baja squadrons but i ordered the dual pod bracket from zroadz to add a white one.
  14. Mall Crawler Turned Off-Roader

    Took delivery on 1/13/22
  15. Mall Crawler Turned Off-Roader

    Hi guys, to introduce myself i own a automotive customization shop. I have some friends in to off-roading but never really tried it myself. After seeing the release of the bronco it seemed like the perfect opportunity to make some quick money much like the c8 corvette (I know please don’t hate...
  16. DIY Paint Color Match Sasquatch Fender Flares

    It goes off-road more then most that call it a mall crawler 😉
  17. DIY Paint Color Match Sasquatch Fender Flares

    I used an adhesion promoter to help it to stick to the plastic that was it so time will tell how that holds up.
  18. DIY Paint Color Match Sasquatch Fender Flares

    WOW did not think i would receive this many replies so fast lol. For those of you looking for spray cans of cactus grey or whatever color you may need there are many local automotive paint supply stores all you have to do is walk in and tell them the color you need and they can mix it and load...
  19. DIY Paint Color Match Sasquatch Fender Flares

    I decided that before going down the route of having one of my body shops paint the flares I’d give it a go DIY style to see how it would come out. This entire project was done using nothing but aerosol cans you can get and any local paint store. Is it absolutely perfect? No. But for $90 and a...
  20. Arizona WTB order reservations

    It’s a much easier procr looking for unfilled one to convert to a raptor I’ve already got a fully loaded obx in my garage right now