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  1. 2023 Bronco Heritage Edition Revealed! 1,966 Heritage Limited Edition (Badlands) Units to be Produced. Unlimited (Big Bend) Heritage Editions

    I have a First Edition now and I want to trade for an HE Limited. I put myself on the waitlist on 10.25.21 hoping the the HE would be a future option. My dealer said that he won't know anything until end of August on how to order and HE. He hasn't always been accurate in the past. Any opinions...
  2. Another FE Question...

    I knew I was grasping :confused:
  3. Another FE Question...

    I'm sure that every reservation received a Bronco email earlier this week about switching to soft-tops. If we switch to soft tops by July 16th we will potentially get our orders faster and it gives the dealerships some perks. As we all know Ford took the FE soft top option off the table months...
  4. July 1 Email Group!

    I still haven't had my FE scheduled for production. How are you getting notified, did I miss something? It's just going to be a regular email correct? How are you getting the photo you posted? Is it on the Ford site and I should be checking there?
  5. Today, 5/28, Ford email will be sent to all unscheduled order holders

    According to my dealer that is exactly what's going to happen... I have made him fact check himself 2 times. He is telling me that they aren't producing or giving build dates for FE for the entire northeast, until they have build dates and production happening for the rest of the country. He...
  6. First Edition Bronco Thread

    :cry: ugh....I'm in the same sinking boat It's hard to get excited again for more disappointment at 2:00 I'll talk to you all at 2:15 😭
  7. John Bronco Sells 2022 Bronco Heritage Edition! Previews in Yellowstone and Brittany Blue

    I would have done that with my day 1 reservation too. My dealer is still insisting that the Heritage Model is a myth and the people on this forum don't know what they are talking about. I HATE MY DEALER!!! TROUBLE FROM THE START!!! Now I'm waiting for my FE that isn't what I thought it would...
  8. Bronco July 2021 Production Scheduling Memo

    Agreed, I'm feeling like something better is going to show up before I get mine
  9. Bronco July 2021 Production Scheduling Memo

    My dealership manager and his "Brono Rep" that works somewhere else, are killing me. So many times I keep thinking "it's just not worth it". I have never worked so hard to give somebody $75,000! But what do I do? NOTHING. I've been waiting so long for this Bronco
  10. Bronco July 2021 Production Scheduling Memo

    I have a First Edition reservation too. I checked with my dealer today about my reservation and why I'm not hearing anything about it. He told me that "they are not scheduling any builds in the Northeast. The Northeast will be the last to get their orders" This is the second time he has told...
  11. 4/22 Email Group!

    I haven't received an email. 7/13 10:09 EST reservation. First Edition model Talked to my dealer and he told me that nobody in the North East has received and email and their builds aren't being scheduled yet? Does anyone think this is true?
  12. First Edition Bronco Thread

    My reservation is on 7/13 @ 10:07 EST. I haven't received an email either :cry:
  13. Day 1 Reservation Holder Poll - Did you receive a build date?

    I knew that was the case. That person got into my head though.
  14. Day 1 Reservation Holder Poll - Did you receive a build date?

    7/13 @ 10:07 EST first reservation at dealer FE 4door CG black interior painted and soft top (had to switch to MIC and no soft) not happy about this no email yet Somebody on here said that all FE won't be MY21, if this is true it could solve all of my roof issues... Does anybody know if this...
  15. Those of us who are email-less so far...stay calm.

    Do you know that all FE won't be MY21? If I have to wait until MY22 it will solve my roof problems/disappointments.

    How did you get this photo with scheduled for production date? I have this photo from my initial order confirmation (with the first circle filled in) but photo isn't available on the ford site. On the site it just has that I ordered a FE with an order number. Did you receive this photo with your...