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  1. Wildtrak Interior Accent Color Name

    I don't get why if you order (let's just use cyber orange as the exterior color) a cyber orange bronco ford can't color coordinate the interior pieces with whatever the exterior color is.......🤪
  2. Anderson Composites Hard Top installed photos!

    Cost on their top is........?
  3. Wildtrak Hood Graphic Decal - Part Number?

    Where do I sign up for the parts store?
  4. No need for catch cans?

    Nope. Asked my dealer and they said it will not void PT warranty
  5. No need for catch cans?

    I get it. That's the reason u put the catch cans on....to trap what I could before recycling it back thru the intake system.
  6. No need for catch cans?

    I'll check it again at the next oil change. BTW I only use full synthetic Mobile 1
  7. No need for catch cans?

    First oil change at 1214 miles Second at 4000 Third at 7500 @ dealership Fourth at 12,000 miles today
  8. No need for catch cans?

    That would have been cycled back thru the intake My wife drives highway 20 miles to work and back
  9. No need for catch cans?

    I've read different views on catch cans on this forum. I put dual catch cans on at 300 miles. This is what my catch cans have caught at 12k. Glad I put mine on. To each his own.
  10. California DV8 Off-Road FS-15 Winch Bumper $1000

    Love to have it for my wildtrac but I live near Kansas City. Good luck on the sale
  11. Show us your installed wheel / tire upgrades here! (Pics)

    Anyone put bronze wheels on a cyber orange 4dr yet?