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  1. Leaked Photos: Heritage Edition Bronco Being Built & Yellowstone in Public!

    Right. WHY are the fender flares not white!?
  2. Bronco Build Week 4/10/2023

    Another one on the train to Granger.
  3. Why is Outer Banks so popular?

    This is the exact Bronco I wanted. I’m still mad they removed AMB before making all the reserved ones in that color.
  4. Bronco Build Week 4/10/2023

    Your phone thinks the blue ones are phone numbers to click to call.
  5. Bronco Build Week 4/10/2023

    Just got the email that my Bronco has been shipped. 4/11 build date. 4/28-5/11 expected delivery to Granger (updated from 5/1-5/7).
  6. Dealer doing last minute Markups on my bronco

    Sounds like you have a written agreement for MSRP signed by the dealer and you. Tell them you’ll enforce that any way you can/are forced to if they fail to hold up their end of the bargain.
  7. Ford needs to know: 2023 Bronco Raptor Ford Dealership Order Disaster

    B6G on every ADM thread: You thought you’d get a Bronco at MSRP? DID YOU GET ANYTHING IN WRITING? OP: I have a signed letter at MSRP. B6G: No, not like that! Why do you think the letter gets you MSRP?
  8. Whose sweet ride is this in Round Rock TX area?

    At least 50% of broncos I see here in St. Louis are cactus gray. Don’t think I’ve seen any of the reds and two blues - both antimatter badlands.
  9. Tube Doors price & part numbers released: $1250 2-Door / $2250 4-Door

    Are they not paintable? They were previously described as such in one of the walkaround videos.
  10. Seriously? This hurts

    Same here! Ordered and have an estimated ship date that is less than a month from the order date.
  11. Just curious....If a competitor (Jeep or Toyota) offered a deal to "all '21 Bronco order holders"

    Ordered a JLU Rubicon for 4% under invoice last week (nearly the same price as the Outer Banks I ordered) and have an estimated ship date of 3/18. I’ll keep the Bronco reservation for now, but Ford is losing me fast.
  12. [UPDATE - I'm SOL] Golf Mill Ford Stole my Bronco

    Tell me you don’t know contract law without telling me you don’t know contract law.
  13. STL Auto Show

    Plenty of photos of Broncos at this point, but since seeing these at random places or shows or looking at photos is all I and many of us have for the foreseeable future, here are some pics of the SIX Broncos (two by the RTR crew) that were at the St. Louis Auto Show this weekend. Absolute show...
  14. Anyone have a car seat in their 4door Bronco?

    Lots of pictures on here if you run an image search for “car seat.”
  15. RESOLVED! Dealer screwed me - 10k over msrp - Lindsay Ford - Wheaton, MD

    He answered back when the formula leaked. Basically saying small dealers can’t game the system and only choose to sell a lot of one Ford product and expect to receive a high allocation for it.
  16. OBX or BL Thoughts

    No bronco here yet, but I’d say if you aren’t going with the leather/power seats, get the BL for the MGV and washout floors. If you need the adjustability of the power seats (sounds like you don’t) get the OBX.
  17. What option is the single best value for the money?

    Gotta be the AUX switches.
  18. No Auto hold button?

    I think there was a thread or two on this at some point, with the general conclusion that it doesn't have it because it isn't specified anywhere.