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  1. Looking for opinions on the Dewalt 20V Max Tire Inflator

    I have the same Harbor Freight compressor as above - works great. Pumps 4 tires from mid 20s to mid-upper 30s in about 10 mins total.
  2. BFG Trail Terrains or Michelin Defenders?

    I liked them a lot - way more sporty than the Duelers, they gripped better. The only thing is that they tended to break loose on wet pavement a lot more than I would have liked. Never got to try them off-road. Since then, I got a set of Black Diamond takeoffs and am now running General...
  3. Everyone needs to let him know these will sell - 6.5" Speaker pods for the rear

    Base system - those were the only ones I touched as well. I have a sub in the OEM position/box and then another under my driver seat. Also - I have the Kicker Key amp and have enabled the DSP. Though I think (and I have no way to validate this so might just be in my head) the DSP did a better...
  4. Mabett Speaker Pod - Mounting Height question

    Hey there - I'm on the stock 6 speaker set up. Using the Kicker Key 200.4 to drive them (and the fronts).
  5. Mabett Speaker Pod - Mounting Height question

    I'm running Audison APX 65s in my Mabett pods - the tweeter on these is recessed so no issues at all with fitment. They sound great too!
  6. 285/75/17s on a Black Diamond NON Sasquatch?

    What's the hit to acceleration and MPG with the 34s? Anything noticeable? I have an OBX with the steelies - running 32s but definitely like the look of these Toyos.
  7. Installed the Ford Hood Protector Aeroskin II Trail Armor Textured Black For Bronco 2021-2023

    It doesn't darken it - but I will say, the dings and scratches that it's accumulated over the last year or so have made it a little difficult to see perfectly at night. I'm due for a new one soon. Still much happier vs taking a chance with glass cracks/chips.
  8. Installed the Ford Hood Protector Aeroskin II Trail Armor Textured Black For Bronco 2021-2023

    I love mine. In Austin, we have so many construction trucks constantly driving around that rocks/pebble/gravel hits are inevitable. I've taken a few direct hits to my windshield (thankfully no cracks thanks to DynoFlex film), but I think I've taken far less thanks to this thing. Plus it looks...
  9. Wildtrak Audio Build JL Audio / Audison / Hertz -------

    Love this! I have Hertz/Audison speakers as well - nowhere the level of awesome that you do though :)
  10. Texas Trailrax TRMR 4-Door Roof Rack (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY)

    Hi all! Sorry for the delay in getting back to everyone. I did end up selling this a few weeks back. Will close the listing - thanks!
  11. BadAss Tents Wind Deflector for OEM bars

    How’s it holding up? I took mine down today as the corners were popping up. Was curious if the adhesion promoter and re-apply did the trick before i re-attempt.
  12. Bronco Sport Wheel bent out at 300 miles

    I've been seeing a lot of these in the ATX area - Leif Johnson and Riata Ford sell them; they're mostly the Big Bend and Outer Banks models. If I'm not mistaken, Saleen does all the modifications - lifts, rims/tires, exterior parts, exhausts. I definitely do a double take every time I see one...
  13. Texas Trailrax TRMR 4-Door Roof Rack (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY)

    Changed to local pickup only due to difficulty sourcing a box + shipping quote costs :(
  14. Quietest high clearance muffler for the 2.3?

    The standard (non-climber) Touring sounds almost identical to my Magnaflow Overland cat-back. Climber version might be a little louder.
  15. Aftermarket Roof Rack for Bronco 4DR Hardtop 2021-2023

    the two front panels (driver and passenger) will come off. The others would require a removal of the entire rack.
  16. Texas Sold: Trailrax TRMR 4-Door Roof Rack (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY)

    Hello! I am selling my Trailrax TRMR 4-door Roof Rack. I've had the rack since late October and it's been great; but I've come to the conclusion that I don't need all the functionality that it offers. Comes with everything you see here in the pic. A few dents and dings are present from...
  17. Aftermarket Roof Rack for Bronco 4DR Hardtop 2021-2023

    Hi All - I think I was among the first to order Mabett's rack when it was announced last week. Amazon initially quoted me a delivery time of the 27th, so I was very surprised when it showed up this weekend! I installed it yesterday - overall, I have to say that with the exception of one step...
  18. Aftermarket Roof Rack for Bronco 4DR Hardtop 2021-2023

    We wouldn't have to if Ford made the OEM rack readily available - been impossible to find them for at least 6 months, if not more.
  19. Texas WTB - OEM 4-door Roof Rack/Rails (Austin Area)

    Hey there! Thank you for the reply - I went another route, but really appreciate you reaching out. Love the look of your Bronco - enjoy it!