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  1. Anyone else have their builds pulled up to 5/8

    I was looking up my vin# and noticed today that my WT was pulled up a week to be built from 5/15 to 5/8. I was expecting the opposite.
  2. Scheduling this week?

    Has anyone heard if they are doing any scheduling today/this week. I assume not, but I haven't heard anything. Thanks, in advance.
  3. Will there be scheduling this week??

    I have heard lots of bad news this week (No SAS, MIC, Lux) but I haven't heard if there were scheduling any broncos to be built this week. I surely, hope so. Thanks, in advance....
  4. Has anyone heard of any new scheduling for this week?

    Hoping we would get another scheduling week in, it has been a while. Have to keep hope alive.