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  1. 78CreamBrownie

    What if 2-door Bronco is longer than it looks?

    I am(might be) a 2 Door buyer and I am not 100% on board with the white Styling Buck image leak. Something just seems off. I am encouraged now that I see a different photo from 2nd leak. I really wish we could have gotten a clearer version of that one. I can probably get on board with the...
  2. 78CreamBrownie

    F Series "Shorthorn" 1978 Bronco designer information...

    Wow. You designed the Bronco I regard as the best looking full size SUV ever made. I love the 78. I bet by my screen name you never would have guessed that.
  3. 78CreamBrownie

    Bronco Sport

    That looks good for the lower end model. It gives me hope for the Bronco Bronco.
  4. 78CreamBrownie


    Both Pictures are still in the Jalopnik article. I wonder why Ford hasn't sent them a take down request.
  5. 78CreamBrownie

    Roll Call

    Louisiana man checking in as well. I am from Covington and looking to get a 2 Door Bronco Raptor.
  6. 78CreamBrownie

    List of 2021 Ford Bronco Paint Colors

    I wonder if there is going to be Late Availability colors? It seems like more and more companies launch a vehicle with a stock set of colors, only to add a few more vibrant ones later in the model year. I would expect to see a yellow, blue and even lime type color later in the 2021 model year.
  7. 78CreamBrownie

    2-Door 2021 Bronco Prototype Makes Grand First Appearance, Bombing Through Snow and Catching Air!

    I am a 2 door buyer. looks to be a bit larger than the wrangler width of wise but it’s really hard to tell. Very excited to see this leak. It’s getting really close to April and the official reveal. Bring it on!!!
  8. 78CreamBrownie

    Motor1 Renderings

    I don't like that at all. Too much like a Jeep Renegade.
  9. 78CreamBrownie

    Newly Spied: 2021 Bronco in Rugged Trim!

    No we are talking. This thing needs to be sitting in my Garage ASAP.
  10. 78CreamBrownie

    Spy Video, Underbody / Suspension and Interior Closeups of 2021 Bronco Prototype!

    You guys are on top of this story. So happy to be a member of the board that breaks info on the Bronco.
  11. 78CreamBrownie

    Top Gear Magazine photos

    After seeing those renders, I really hope the 2 door is available at launch. My kids drive so there is no need to worry about people getting in the back.
  12. 78CreamBrownie

    First (Actual) 2021 Bronco U725 Prototype SPIED!!

    Coming within an hour, TFL will do a 30 minute chat about these pictures. They seem to be ripping this site off left and right these days.
  13. 78CreamBrownie

    New Ford Patent Shows Fully Removable Roof and Cage Like Original Bronco

    Personally I am not a fan of a fully removable roof and cage. Accidents will happen and I will be the one who is side swiped and killed when I remove mine for the first time. Call me soft, but I do like to live and enjoy my bronco.
  14. 78CreamBrownie

    I feel like this is a lot of us right now

    As a 2018 JL Wrangler and 2014 JK owner, I agree with this 100%. They are not even close in comparison and if Ford would work with DANA like Jeep did they could build a SFA that makes everyone happy. If you have not experienced the SFA on the new JL then you don't know what you are missing. I...
  15. 78CreamBrownie

    Bronco R Race Prototype Revealed for Baja 1000!

    I like the "BRONCO" lettering across the front. I hope that stays on the production model.
  16. 78CreamBrownie

    Ford Announces 2021 Bronco World Premiere for Spring 2020 and Shows New Logo!

    I hope this means that we will start seeing spyshots of tophats on mules or real test BroncoBroncos within a few months. I am tempering my expectations but it's hard not to be excited about this announcement.
  17. 78CreamBrownie

    Leaked info on Bronco's technology: Off-Road Navigation, Adventure Capture, Real-Time Tire Pressure

    I rented a new Chevrolet Envoy(or something) this week and it had an alert to check the backseat once you powered off the car. Not too intrusive but it's a sad state of the world if this has to be part of any package on a car in 2019. People must be idiots.
  18. 78CreamBrownie

    Baby Bronco Sport Naked Body Potentially Leaked!

    Real news!!! It does remind me of a mini-explorer though.
  19. 78CreamBrownie

    Ford Bronco patent for removable roll cage!?

    I have owned 4 Wranglers as an adult, including my current JL where it's the easiest it's been on any of the Wranglers to fold down, and I have never folded it down. I know Jeep purists demand this but most of us Wrangler owners don't care about it.
  20. 78CreamBrownie

    Ford Bronco patent for removable roll cage!?

    This looks like a recipe for disaster. Allowing someone to remove the only thing keeping them alive in a roll over is a terrible idea. I understand they are going with a modular approach to make things very customizable but this might be a bit too far. If a Bronco or any vehicle can be...