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  1. Best tire shine / gloss that's easy to apply to sasquatch tires

    I don’t use tire shine, it slings off everywhere.. try using dawn dish soap and a scrub brush, they will make your tires look brand new, minus the shine
  2. [Update SOLVED]: Fuse 36 tapped by... the factory? Spies? Jeep? Aliens?

    Yeah this looks like the perfect grounding spot… eyelets on the plastic and self tapping screw through the dash support… F’nnn MINT
  3. Injen intake installed on 2.3 Bronco

    Manual or auto transmission used for dyno results?
  4. Help: I purchased a factory stolen Bronco Raptor and had no idea

    They should have vin stickers located on some of the other parts, I believe is saw them on the bumpers when I removed mine
  5. To whomstever left this on my Bronco… "You've Been Bronco'd"

    I can see it now on the news in the next 10 years from now…” the rubber duck phenomenon back in the 2020’s reeking havoc on the environment. Ducks floating around in ponds, fish and dolphins eating them… kind of like the plastic straw deal 🤦🏻‍♂️
  6. Now that i upgraded my stereo system which is Best steaming music app?

    It just depends on the quality in which the music is recorded. I’ve compared both services with the same albums, both are the same. If you really want to control your sound quality probably an in dash eq is the way to go. Some companies offer Bluetooth access for their DSP but that’s sometimes a...
  7. Oil temp gauge not water temp up to 234 degrees?

    I feel like this thread will snowball into what oil is better argument 😂
  8. Oil temp gauge not water temp up to 234 degrees?

    I take it the motor trend article popped up for you? I guess I’m alittle old school I forget these full synthetic oils with stand higher heat ranges.. OP you should be good with those oil temps.. disregard my statements
  9. Oil temp gauge not water temp up to 234 degrees?

    😬 ehh not really for a water cooled vehicle. Can it run, yes, it’ll just degrade your oils lubricity making your oil change intervals shorter on your mileage especially running 5w-30. Now if you’re running a different oil like 5w-50 or something that can take the heat then yeah run that temp...
  10. Oil temp gauge not water temp up to 234 degrees?

    if your wheeling a lot in muddy water check the cooler fins if they are clogged
  11. Oil temp gauge not water temp up to 234 degrees?

    Your oil temps shouldn’t be more then your coolant just from my experience.. do you have the 2.7 or 2.3? I only see a max of 200 on my 2.3 oil temp.. with my 2.7 f150 towing 8000lbs never went above 210 on oil
  12. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    If it already makes the noise it’s too late to change fluid.. damage is done unfortunately I’m in the same boat.. just waiting till it gernades now
  13. Oil temp gauge not water temp up to 234 degrees?

    That’s not good, see if you radiator louvers are working
  14. Thoughts on buying a manual now?

    I actually reach out to Tremac and asked if they would every have an option to replace the getrag. I got a probably not response..
  15. Future top options..

    wonder if ford will make a top option that’s retractable like the sky 1 touch that jeep offers with the removable sides?
  16. Everglades Snorkel Installed on 2.7L Badlands Bronco [Update: Completed + Water Flow Test Video]

    I know, something that should cost about 500 will end up being 1200 when it’s said and done.. but it’s cool though
  17. Base audio system line level interface possible | mObridge

    So with Spotify they filter low frequencies so music can be played in headphones. I’m sure you have the app but the eq frequency only adjustable at 60hz, so the crazy thing is also you’ll notice a difference in frequencies coming through with radio, CarPlay, and Bluetooth. This is why I went...
  18. Indiana 4 door roof rack NEW TAKE OFF

    Have you removed it yet?