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  1. Ford sending more gifts?

    I received that picture, a poster, bronco themed plastic playing cards, a bronco themed hammock, a big black flag with the bronco symbol on it, and a cool little calendar for your desk where each month was a silhouette of a different landscape. Anyone get anything different?
  2. Windows Lagging

    This isn't the same issue as the window reset. Where the window doesn't come down or go up at all when the door is open. My issue is that the back passenger window takes almost a full second to come down when the handle is pulled. Causing it to catch the seal and shake. It's definitely putting...
  3. New Product Release: IAG Four Piece Interior Dome Light Kit with Harness

    Sorry stupid question. I'm sure you would have mentioned that as a possibility if it was 🤦🏽‍♂️
  4. New Product Release: IAG Four Piece Interior Dome Light Kit with Harness

    Would it be possible to tap the wire up in the factory dome switch, rather that an upfitter switch? Obviously that's much more wire to route, but that would be preferred over an aux switch.
  5. B&O sound system complete upgrade - Done ✅

    I've search everywhere for this, so I apologize if this has already been answered. This is in reference to the B&O system. Does the Amp/DSP feed the Kick and Dash speaker via the same wire, or are the each wired up separately to the amp? I'm wondering if this is the purpose of the harness on the...
  6. New Product Release: IAG I-Line Front Grilles

    Does the white grille paint match the Oxford White bronco?
  7. Use keypad to lock keys in Bronco.

    10.9% of the population of the entire county is Amish. I live downtown which is 38.8% White, 38.9% Hispanic and 16.9% Black. Still not concerned. It could absolutely happen, just not something I need to actually think about. What a stupid argument to start when you have no idea what you're...
  8. Use keypad to lock keys in Bronco.

    If having your car broken into is something you actually have to be concerned about (outside of a freak incident), you should probably move.
  9. Badlands Badge to Grill Relocation Kit

    I'd buy an outer banks one for sure. You could possibly do a sort of "chip clip" style clamp that could latch over the edge of one of the large openings.
  10. New SSM 51014 released by Ford explaining 2.7 engine dipstick confusion

    At this point, I'm going to need to see a 3rd party video with a 3D CAD drawing showing the intended internal level and total volume before I'll feel safe switching from 7. There's been so much conflicting information. And I don't trust Ford to do the right thing if it hurts the bottom line.
  11. New Swag from Ford -- Weather Resistant Playing Cards

    Cool, but obviously doesn't make up for the delay. While waiting for mine, Ford sent me a bunch of stuff. 1st thing I got was a Hammock with Bronco print all over it. 2nd was a Bronco poster. 3rd was a card style, Bronco themed, calendar. 4th was a Bronco flag.
  12. Independence Day the ARB way: GIVEAWAY! -- Limited BP-51 Edition ARB High Output Portable Compressor (CLOSED)

    Drop the top on the Bronco and ride it to the golf course to play a round with my wife and parents. 🎆🏌️😎
  13. PSA for 2.7 engine: check belt pulley nut for contact with coolant hose

    There are 2 flexible hoses in the area. One that is straight up and down, which is not an issue at all. The second hose, the way it comes in, is bent in a way that pushes it towards the pulley. There is a round clip on the straight house. The bent hose is zip tied to the clip on the straight...
  14. PSA for 2.7 engine: check belt pulley nut for contact with coolant hose

    I took delivery last month. That clip is there, but it does basically nothing.
  15. PSA for 2.7 engine: check belt pulley nut for contact with coolant hose

    I made a video quick. Not sure if anyone already posted one yet.
  16. 2 ohm impedance for the kick panels?

    Does anyone know the impedance range for the B&O system amp? Specifically the kick panel speakers. I have a pair of kappa 60.11cs that I would like to use the mid from, but they're 2 ohm. I know I can't stray too far from the factory impedance on the non amped speakers, but most amps are able to...
  17. Installed the Tailgate Table today

    Do you think installation of the OEM table would be possible with only or just mostly 3M VHB tape? That stuff is crazy strong.