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  1. Future top options..

    wonder if ford will make a top option that’s retractable like the sky 1 touch that jeep offers with the removable sides?
  2. Manual Transmission Fluid Garbage

    So I finally got around to changing out transmission oil. After draining the oil I’ve come to conclusion that it’s absolutely shit oil they put in the transmissions. I have 12k miles on mine and it came out like water. No wonder why these things are failing so early. I started to get the rumble...
  3. Module spreadsheet for Base

    Hey guys I got a little help from a gentleman from the F150 forum that is a guru with the modules. He set up a spread sheet for me. Enjoy please add to sticky
  4. Indiana Sold: MBRP exhaust $200

    Installer catback exhaust had it on close to 8 months. Will fit 2.3 and 2.7 currently set up for 2 door. Will fit a 4 door just will need about a 20” piece of 3” exhaust tubing to re-extend the mid section indicated by the arrow. Selling cheap $200, for that reason I will not ship. If you’re...
  5. Aftermarket roof racks - not impressed with current options

    So searching for roof racks I’m not impressed by any of them. Some basic laser cut sheet blanks and extruded aluminum bars (80/20 what we call it) and 100’s of bolts holding these things together is not worth $1500 in my book. Is there anyone that’s hand Fabing these with some tube steel and...
  6. Roadster Doors options?

    Is anyone in the market working on those roadster doors? They just make the Bronco so much cleaner looking.
  7. Jeep owners are Dicks

    Has anyone noticed this? I feel like when I’m on the interstate and pass a Jeep or gladiator they either speed up and pull some dick move and cut in front of me or if I pass them they try to keep up with me.. it happens at least 2 times a week.. I wonder if there’s some jealousy going on hahaha