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  1. Leaky rear axle?

    I have what looks like an oil spot on my rear axle. Not sure what it is and whether it’s normal. Please advise.
  2. Carli Suspension system King Shocks coming soon. Interesting Steering linkage

    I noticed you guys replaced your fenders. Will your setup work with 37” tires and stock fenders?
  3. Advice: Grille Push-Pins part number

    I replaced my fender liner pins with a set from harbor freight. Fit like a glove
  4. BUC CRZY Build on 4" Lift + 37's

    How much trimming did you do to fit the 37s? Any rub?
  5. Noise over big bumps

    I had a clunk when going over bumps and was able to pinpoint it to a loose bolt on the front bash plate. To verify if this is the issue, push up on the bash plate near the points where it’s bolted on. In my case, the clunk started occurring after 16K miles.
  6. Bronc Buster flips over in Moab

    Not sure if this was posted or not. Around 26:00 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂
  7. Sasquatch Wheel and Tire Weights

    The Titan wheels are out now. About $500 a pop. -8 offset. They haven’t posted the weight, but the equivalent wheel is 20 lb for the Jeep and F-150. https://titan-7.com/collections/wheels/products/t-ak1-forged-off-road-wheel?variant=40012813926488
  8. Installed IAG I-Line Raptor Style Grille on 2023 BadSquatch

    Great job, looks great. Does it fit well? Any gaps? Hard to get super precise dimensions.
  9. Metalcloak Giveaway - May/June - Lower Control Arm Skids!

    I most certainly want this giveaway because my Bronco asked me nicely to keep its struts safe from the rocks!
  10. Bronco Trail App Finally Released! 📲

    Link to the app in iOS https://apps.apple.com/us/app/bronco-trail-app/id1672087586
  11. This must be a record!

    Don’t know how you guys are getting 20+. I’ve never seen those kind of numbers 😂 also I have the 2.7 and 4 door. Probably spent 70/30 Highway/city. Mostly in eco mode, no A/C (Cali weather) And pretty high tire PSI, 39.
  12. This must be a record!

    400 miles on a single tank in a Badlands SAS! No I didn’t go downhill the whole way.
  13. Carli Suspension system King Shocks coming soon. Interesting Steering linkage

    Love the front bumper. Final touches on the suspension? ETA?
  14. Carli Suspension system King Shocks coming soon. Interesting Steering linkage

    I hope this setup will work with my sway bar disconnect! Looking forward to preordering a set!
  15. HOSS 3.0 severe duty STEERING RACK and TIE RODS parts has arrived [part number NB3Z-3504-M]

    Is there a TLDR on this thread? One simple question: can I order and install the severe duty rack on my 21’ SAS badlands?
  16. DV8 Bronco broke down in the desert *rescue video*

    Was she steering when she hit the bump?
  17. Center lights mounted on my modular bumper. How-to DIY video

    Cool look but you are blocking the intercooler, so pumping hot air into the engine will reduce power output.
  18. Another Bronco w/ Broken Tie Rod stranded and recovered

    I knew I’d seen that bronco somewhere https://dv8offroad.com/pages/ford-bronco-bumpers-and-accessories