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  1. Help with connections!

    Hello, Just need some help from audio experts. I got this JBL amp SL2. For the input on the amp have high level input and line level input(RCA), i also got the Stereo line output converter to use rca and connect to rear JBL soundbar. question is, should i use the converter like i planned from...
  2. Spotted new colors: Eruption Green and Hot Pepper Red(?)

    So i saw these on my way to work are they all the new colors? 🤔
  3. Old and New

    Went to Vegas for the new years and stopped at a car show on my way back home, was the only new bronco there other than this older one, not sure of the year
  4. Mud flaps

    So like everybody knows, these tires throw rocks like crazy, already have a few paint chips and only 400 miles. I bought fords mud flaps, cut them and used the piece i cut to use as a bracket like somebody else in this group did, let see if they last long enough to get the right ones!
  5. Ceramic coating soft top

    Has anyone here used Adams ceramic coating or chemical guys hydrothread on your soft top? What kind of results did you get? This is my first soft top and don’t have any experience eith them. Or may be another brand/product you recommend? Thanks in advance!
  6. It is here!

    21 Bronco Badlands, 4 doors, sasquash, high package. Reserved 7/20/20, ordered 1/20/21 and delivered 11/29/21. Last weekend took her to Sedona for a little drive and hit a couple of easy trails, love how it drives on and off road, I don’t think soft top is loud cruising at 75 mph nor the tires...
  7. Change order

    Hello, i have an order for a squashed badlands with mic. I decided to change it to soft top to try to get it sooner, i’ve been trying to change my order since thursday but the person helping me at my dealership has covid and they don’t know when she’s coming back, can i call for directly to ford...
  8. New exhaust from MBRP

    Don’t think i has been posted just saw it on my insta stories. What do you guys think? MBRP exhaust