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  1. 2022 Bronco Raptor - Anyone install brake controller? Anyone attempt oil change yet on the 3.0 engine? Anyone tow with one yet?

  2. What do you have wired to all your AUX switches?

    1-All front lights (bar, left ditch, right ditch, fogs) 2-Light Bar 3-Left Ditch 4-Right Ditch 5-Fog Lights 6-Rear Lights
  3. "Rattle" from the rear (back glass and tailgate) with MIC top.

    Did you get the rubber strip on the bottom of the glass that mates with the top lip of the tailgate?
  4. Hard Top Rigging Attachment

    My little brackets work perfectly. I use a short webbing basket on the front metal brackets (the ones that bolt the hard top to the roll bar. Once lifted with my handy-dandy Harbor Freight winch, I use 4 ratchet straps for insurance. Very quick and very secure.
  5. EMP Shield Install?

    The neat thing is that after the nuclear blast that creates the EMP, nobody will be able to "prove" that the little EMP box did not work.
  6. "Rattle" from the rear (back glass and tailgate) with MIC top.

    There has been discussion before related to the hard top panels. This topic is related to the rear and specifically the rear window and tailgate with the hard top. I learned this on my Jeep, the back glass meeting the rubber seals on the top and the tailgate meeting the rubber seal on the...
  7. Hard Top Rigging Attachment

    I will for certain use straps and a basket rig to support the top once lifted. I need a method to lift the top in order to place the secondary rigging. With my Jeep, I was always worried about damaging the rubber seal for the back glass.
  8. Can the Bronco really only Tow 3500 lbs?

    I have trailer brakes, so I feel like I can "push the limit". As a 1 time event, I needed to move my tractor and accessories to a new location. The total load was North of 4,000 pounds. Because of geometry, I had way too much weight on the hitch. I limited my speed to 55 or 60, but it pulled...
  9. Hard Top Rigging Attachment

    I did not find a thread specific to this topic. I want to lift my hard top without going through the back glass. For the back, I fabricated theses lifting attachments. For the front, I will squeeze some webbing around the bracket that bolts the top to the "B" pillar bracket. Any suggestions...
  10. B&O sub - almost seems defective?

    "Pop" or rattles/vibration? Most people have had to put things in the area of the sub to either stiffen or dampen the plastic to limit vibration. I had some extra "sound assassin" strips from a Hothead liner install. I also placed pieces of wide tape around the back of connectors in the area...
  11. Weathertech - Mud Flaps - "Coming Soon" on Website

    I just cancelled my order as well. My dremel tool'd stock Ford ones look better than this. WeatherTech is or was a highly respected company. Wow! Are they working from home?
  12. I Might Get Crucified for this Post 🙃

    Post a pic with the top and doors off.
  13. Weathertech - Mud Flaps - "Coming Soon" on Website

    I am wondering if the "Wildtrack" option assumes plastic bumper on rear, thus allowing the rear splash guards. Wondering, I surely don't know that.
  14. Oklahoma ZRoadz Modular Bumper Fog Light Bracket $125

    I bought a bunch of "stuff" in the planning phase. I bought a different light arrangement. $125 including shipping to the continental US. These: ZRoadz Brackets
  15. Mabett is selling and developing hundreds of products

    Console Tray
  16. Mabett is selling and developing hundreds of products

    I left you some Amazon feedback. Love my console tray!