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  1. I'll buy used in 3 years, here is my new ride.

    That's what romanticizing is. You were able to rationalize putting down 100 whole dollars on a $50,000+ Bronco sight unseen but now, rationale comes into play and you buy a different brand and different type of vehicle used because you perceive it as a better value. And that is perfectly...
  2. ? Cactus Gray WildTrak 4 Door Bronco

    The bottom photo appears to me to have a reddish hue to it, something I hadn't noticed before.
  3. New ? Is it Lightning Blue or Velocity Blue?

    "He AINT dead until I say HE'S DEAD!"-God. Jim is still very much with us; perhaps you meant his brother John Belushi, 1949-1982.
  4. New ? Is it Lightning Blue or Velocity Blue?

    For 2020, Ford offers two, depending on model: Shadow Black and Agate Black. Which one?
  5. New ? Is it Lightning Blue or Velocity Blue?

    Obviously Velocity Blue. Lightning blue has been cancelled Ford-wide for 2021. The one in the background is Subaru's Cool-Grey Khaki.
  6. ? 4dr Badlands in Carbonized Gray w/ Soft Top and Steel Front Bumper

    Perhaps you mean Magnetic? Pretty close to CG but appears slightly darker. Carbonized Grey is a new color Ford wide for 2021 and replaces Magnetic. Very few CG of any model on the road as of now
  7. Carbonized Gray 2-Door Badlands

    Carbonized Grey looks like it's a shade lighter and more metallic than Magnetic, which AFAIK will be discontinued Ford-wide for 2021.
  8. Compiled list of issues / bugs with Bronco Build & Price

    Hopefully the factory trained "Bronco Experts" at the dealerships will be on top of it. Another thing, if incompatible options are ordered, the factory will kick it back to the selling dealer for amending, the same as any current Ford product. And that my cause a delay in scheduling. Just a...
  9. Compiled list of issues / bugs with Bronco Build & Price

    This configurator is the same format as FCA's, not like those on other Ford/Lincoln sites. Just guessing that both co's contract this B&P format out. There were oopsies in the Gladiator B&P initially, too.
  10. Is This A New Mystery (Green) Bronco at Super Celebration East? (Not the Overland Area 51)

    I think its a Servpro™ Initial Response Vehicle- same color.
  11. Reviewed Bronco paint samples book with inspection lamp - Photos & Video of Antimatter Blue, Cactus Gray, Cyber Orange, Rapid Red

    Preview of Cyber orange w/ white roof: I think we will just have to wait until the real metal hits the road. Race Red, Rapid Red, Oxford White and Velocity Blue are on some current 2020 models, and the 2021 Ranger will also get Cactus Grey. Job 1 on those is Dec. 7th so they should be arriving...
  12. Schedule shows Bronco production start (Job 1) expected in March 2021

    It means that is the estimated date assembly of the first vehicle is initiated, starting with placing the frame on the assembly line for a body on frame vehicle. An F-150 spends about 20 hours in the plant getting built; each one rolling off the line every 53 seconds
  13. Area 51 thread

    Cactus Grey has a slight bread mold green tint to my eye. FJ Grey I think might be a a satin finish
  14. Painted 2021 Bronco Body Frames Captured! Mystery / New Color Spotted

    They are being hand painted outside until the paint booth is finished.
  15. Painted 2021 Bronco Body Frames Captured! Mystery / New Color Spotted

    The middle pic looks like Area 51.
  16. Sage Green / Military Green 6th Gen Bronco Imagined

    Or you could go over to the dark side this year... 2021 Rubicon Unlimited in Sarge Green
  17. Bronco Concept Design: What if it ended up like this?

    The OP's photo looks too GM-ish.
  18. White Soft Top!?

    Not gonna happen. Mustang now has only black tops available, and still no hardtop option. It used to be that you could get white, black, red or tan, and way back, blue. It's all about cost per unit installed. Customer choice costs profit in their minds. In North America the vast majority of...