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  1. 2023 Bronco Price List (MSRP and Invoice) ???

    Has anyone see the 2023 Bronco Price list pdf showing invoice and MSRP for all trims, packages, etc.? I have them for 2021 and 2022 but can't find it for 2023. I'm looking for this for 2023.
  2. NPR Stealership Article

    This is an interesting read. The article says what a lot of us have been saying. The mega dealerships can continue to charge what they want and if you try to go to a dealer willing to give you a no haggle price you may be waiting in line a while as they can't get the vehicle for you...
  3. Jeep Challenges Ford Bronco's "Best In Class" Advertising Claims, But NAD Sides With Ford

    Apparently FCA doesn't like all of Ford's "Best in Class" claims and took their complaints to the National Advertising Division. Unfortunately for them, NAD found Ford's claims to be substantiated...