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  1. Thank you Ford!

    Yes. And also to laugh at all the "Ford screwed me over! AGAIN!" posts.
  2. Granger Ford Order Updates - We Need it 3/3/23

    Or a game of build the Bronco I ordered or get fucked.
  3. No longer want my delivered Bronco

    Colorado is full. I hear Wyoming is nice and it's only a few more hours up the highway.
  4. Jeep is more affordable

    Having done this exact comparison at the beginning of last year, I can offer some input. At the time, I was comparing my ordered non-SAS manual transmission Badlands with Lux against a Rubicon. There were some advantages to the way Jeep sets up their packages. I could nix the safety packages...
  5. Got my order in!

    The problem I have with this argument is, there are Toyotas and Nissans driving around lifted at these same angles for years without any issues. I owned an Xterra lifted 3.5" that I beat to hell off-road. I had a couple tie rod ends wear out but never snapped a single one, and I sold it with the...
  6. Got my order in!

    Immature Personality Disorder isn't hard to pronounce and is defined as: a lack of emotional development, low tolerance of stress and anxiety, inability to accept personal responsibility, and reliance on age-inappropriate defense mechanisms
  7. Got my order in!

    My god, you sound childish. My 8 year nephew has better burns than you. No one asked you to come into this thread. No one compelled you to comment. Those of us in here have a legitimate gripe with Ford. Feel free to see yourself out.
  8. Got my order in!

    You need to get her to test drive a JL. I hate the way the JK drives. I didn't believe my friends that the JL is a far and away better vehicle than the JK until I got to drive my friends 18, with 37s, 3 hours down the highway and around town for a week.
  9. Got my order in!

    From someone who has the 6 speed, 4.88s and 37s ...... DOOOOO EEEEEET
  10. Got my order in!

    I don't think it'll be a POS in the long run. When you think about it, the 21-23 model years are really a single combined 1st year run. I hope they eventually get the HOSS 3.0 steering rolled out to all the trims. The steering situation seems to be the most compromised part of the Bronco. I...
  11. Got my order in!

    I'm surprised you heard our whining in here over the whining over blown 2.7s, broken steering racks, electrical gremlins, dealers stealing peoples orders to sell with ADM, messed up orders, day counts since reservation, etc. The forum has been a cesspool of whining since about January of 2021...
  12. Got my order in!

    We've got you beat by about a month, September 28th. That's pretty awesome though!!
  13. Got my order in!

    Both @Letagoavs710 and I have cultivated friendships in the Colorado Grangers group. We tried moving that groups conversation off to Discord but it didn't take. So here we are, visiting the forum of a vehicle we no longer want from a company we can't stand. At least it isn't run by Ford like...
  14. Got my order in!

    BTW, I bought my Jeep at Granger. When I picked it up, there was a LONG line of Wranglers and Gladiators sitting on the lot, every one of them a customer order. They had spilled over into the Ford lot. Or maybe that was a an intentional thumb at Ford. All I know is, it was fantastic parking my...
  15. Got my order in!

    Fords engineering team got 90% of the way to an amazing Jeep competitor. I went to the Off-Rodeo and was blown away by it. It kept me waiting for another 3 months before putting my Jeep order in. Watching Levine mouth off on Twitter at upset customers was my breaking point. As if we did...
  16. Got my order in!

    Loving my Hydro Blue Rubi. I should thank Ford because I never would have considered buying a Jeep until Ford sold me on the top off/doors off experience. I think I'd probably choke on that thank you and end up flipping them off. They lost a first time Ford purchaser with me and I'll never look...
  17. Paranormal Experiences Thread

    How have I missed this thread til now? I've had many experiences over the years, most of which would sound outlandish typed out. I have many centering around the Boy Scout camp I went to/worked at for several years as a teen. I was a camper first, and then ended up working as a counselor, for a...
  18. The 6G really isn't a rockcrawler.

    Whatever man. You're the one trying to justify the argument, not me.
  19. The 6G really isn't a rockcrawler.

    Because it doesn't require any modifications to run 35s. Here's 46 pages of people doing exactly that. https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/jlu-rubicon-on-35s-no-lift.7290/