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  1. CACTUS GRAY Bronco Club

    Some pics from the beach this weekend of my ‘23 Badsquatch. Posted a few more on this thread in the Photos forum.
  2. Meet Bertha

    Lol! Best way to pack out your pooch poop. Side bonus of getting a free 1.0 Truck Nut.
  3. Meet Bertha

    No, exact same spec as the factory Sasquatch Goodyears. I wanted something better for highway driving and rain/snow/sand. I landed on the Falkens based on a lot of reading here. They’ve performed super well, a little quieter and better MPGs, and I personally think they’re a step up aesthetically...
  4. Meet Bertha

    Thanks. Yeah I was debating between gun metal and black. Especially with the Badlands grill definitely think gun metal is the way to go.
  5. Meet Bertha

    Yeah I’ve seen those posts. I was very careful pulling them off and used the right TP bit on my wrench. Torqued them all to spec when putting them back on. It wasn’t the funnest process but and had no real issues. Definitely not something I’d want to do regularly though.
  6. Meet Bertha

    Yeah they’re the all black MAGNUMs. They look great on the truck and are nice to have for getting to the roof rack and also to ensure my 5’ wife continues to enjoy the truck. 😉 Waited three months to get them from AR but worth it! I’ve done a few things inside with the AR | BAM RAIL which I’ve...
  7. Meet Bertha

    Had her for a few months and finally getting around to posting some pics. Four door Badsquatch in Cactus Gray. Exterior is fairly stock except for: Falken Wildpeak Tires Powder coated my beauty rings in Gun Metal AR | MAGNUM STIRRUPS Heretic Studio Fogs w/ amber Quad and BA-2 clears Ford roof...
  8. New York KR Off-Road Front License Plate Bracket w/ Torx Plus 40 Bit

    Brand new, never opened and still in box. Thought I’d need this to get my truck off the lot but the dealer didn’t care. I bought it from @4x4TruckLEDs.com and missed the return window by a few days and they unfortunately rejected my return request even though it’s brand new. My loss is your...
  9. 🎄A REFRESHING Rear Cargo MOLLE Panel by M2M

    These look nice! Appreciate that they work in all recline positions for the rear seats. Any chance for a discount code for forum members? 😇
  10. AR | BRONCO Modular Roof Rack for 2-Door and 4-Door

    Been holding out for this one. Love that the rack went black, as I think the original renders you shared @EIGHTLUG had a silver rack. IMO the black rack is 🤑. Seeeeeend it!
  11. New Jersey SAS Sasquatch Takeoff Tires, Set of Five $500

    Thanks for the interest everyone, these sold fast!
  12. New Jersey Sold: SAS Sasquatch Takeoff Tires, Set of Five $500

    Selling five brand new tires taken off my new SAS Badlands. Truck had 11 miles on it when these were taken off, and nothing on the spare. Priced to sell – asking just $500 for the set. Tires are garaged in Point Pleasant, NJ right now. Pick up anytime in the next week or so. For those not...
  13. 11/21/2022 Build Week w/Spreadsheet

    After 881 days of waiting, finally picked her up this morning. Really wonderful vehicle and couldn’t be happier. She’s already off to the detail shop for some tints and PPF. Hope the rest of you get yours soon, it’s worth the wait!
  14. How To: United Road delivery tracking

    I think that’s the state before pending pickup, basically it needs to get scheduled for a load and then should shift to pending pickup.
  15. How To: United Road delivery tracking

    Did it ship via rail? Mine didn’t show up in United Road’s tracking until the day it arrived at the final rail yard (where it sat “constructively placed” for 24 hours before getting unloaded). Edit: it’s also possible your Bronco will not ship via United Road. I don’t think every...
  16. How To: United Road delivery tracking

    You just need to register once (step 4). In step three you’re just searching for your VIN to get to the registration entry point – no need to register before that.
  17. How To: United Road delivery tracking

    There are lots of great threads on tracking your Bronco's shipment but I wanted to provide these more detailed instructions for how to access United Road's new tracking site, since I haven't seen a detailed writeup in this forum yet. For those not aware, United Road is the trucking company most...
  18. Unofficial (stuck) "InTransit" thread

    Has anyone found a way to get more detail on your shipping status from United Road? My bronco has been listed as “pending pickup” at the CSX rail yard for over 10 days now and showed an ETA at the dealer for last Fri 12/16 most of last week. We are almost halfway through Monday 12/19 and...
  19. Aftermarket roof racks - not impressed with current options

    Yeah the hitch basket is looking more and more appealing for cargo. I’ve already got a 1up hitch bike rack that I love, and they make a cargo version too. Only thing is skis… would really like the roof rack for them