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  1. Bronco Raptor ADM

    Went into Encinitas Ford in Southern California today on a whim to see if they had any raptors coming in and if I could trade my LB first edition in for one (2800 miles). The best deal they could give me was $179,000 for the Raptor and $66,000 for my FE. Interested in thoughts and if anyone...
  2. Anyone been able to order tube doors for their 4 door Bronco?

    Has anyone been able to order tube doors for their 4 door bronco. I would like to do so but I don't see them on the ford accessories site, and my dealer can't find in the system.
  3. FInal First Edition Production Numbers?

    As we close out the year I was wondering is anyone had access to Ford's MY21 production numbers for the First Edition. Would be interesting to see stats on the various configurations; 2 door, 4 door, colors etc. While I'm at it did anyone ever figure out a way to decode the sequential production...
  4. First Edition MY22

    Hi all, I was inquiring with my dealer in San Diego today and got this back. This is supposedly the gent handling the bronco orders. "I haven't heard anything yet. But because of certain things that go into the 1st edition like the Black painted roof it's going to be a late availability...