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  1. 4wp bumpers installed

    Recently put the 4wp front and rear bumpers on. 🤘🤠
  2. Hill start assist failure

    I went to start my bronco as usual . The alert popped up on dash (Hill start assist failure ) and I got notifications on the Ford pass . Parked in a basic driveway pretty much flat . I’m taking it to the dealer on Wednesday but last time I had them check the clicking in the brakes and the play...
  3. California Sold: Trade my Sasquatch fender flares for standard

    Looking to trade my Sasquatch fender flares for the standard ones . I’m in California
  4. Hexy

    Here are a few pictures of My build 2.7 Liter 4 door Sasquatch Soft top stickerfab.com has some pretty cool stuff . I’ll be updating here with my upgrades over time .
  5. Pokémon driving daughter's Bronco Wildtrak

    So I went to Costco and saw they had some Bronco toys .Grabbed two of them and gave them to my 3 year old daughter when I got home . About ten minutes later she had the whole squad of Pokémon riding in the wild track and the badlands . I decided why not take some pictures and make a meme . So...
  6. Even a noob can wire something - installed 5" inch KC lights

    My 5 inch KC lights came in the mail today and I can tell you it was really easy to install . One problem though…..I don’t have a bracket to move the light over the slightest so the antenna can fit . Radio seems to work fine so I’ll rock it with no antenna in the mean time .
  7. GoPro 360 footage with the family in the Base Sas

    Daughters first day of school and I decided why not film a little and make a YouTube channel . I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m having fun figuring it all out . Hopefully I’ll have some longer videos in the future .
  8. Missing tool pouch

    So I went to take my doors off for the first time and I didn’t think to check if the tool pouch was in the bronco before taking delivery . I searched everywhere . All I found a yellow dealer ticket in the glovebox . Was every bronco supposed to get a tool pouch ? I’m going down to the dealer...
  9. 1st Bronco from Tracy Ford in California

    I was the very first bronco sold at Tracy dealership in California Reserved 2/24 (edit date confirmed ) build date 7/21 Shipped 7/22 Estimated delivery 8/12-8/19 Email with new estimated delivery 9/2-9/12 Arrived 8/19 Base Sasquatch 4 door soft top 2.7 liter Just to start, This forum is...