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  1. Drove a Jeep Rubicon Diesel...and one might be in the driveway soon

    Yes we are frustratEd and have mixed up feelings with Ford‘s situation. We ordered Badlands so we decided to browse around Jeep. Last night my husband ordered Diesel Jeep Gladiator and we will receive it in 8 weeks. if Bronco issue still doesn’t work out I plan to get Diesel Jeep Rubicon 🙏🙏🙏
  2. Got my 2nd new Bronco today, now I have Cyber Orange and Cactus Gray. Also on the way home went by my local Ford dealer to check out the CG sport

    Hello everyone! I couldn’t find “bra” that covers Bronco front from Accessories. i will appreciate your help. Thank you have a ice weekend 😎
  3. MAP Employees Confirm 2021 Bronco Hits Full Production August 2. Job 1 Still Starts May 3

    Hi Zack. Do you mean 2021 Bronco will be built by this late summer?
  4. Survey-What color are you going with?

    Cactus gray
  5. 4-Door Oxford White Badlands (@ MAP)

    Good morning Lady bet u have seen both Oxford white and Cactus Gray Bronco. Which one do you like better? What other color is blended with white color? Thank you
  6. Sasquatch pushes all orders to MY2022??

    Yes I spoke with my dealer. It is true so he suggested to wait till we receive email from Ford in May
  7. Sasquatch pushes all orders to MY2022??

    Yes I spoke with my dealer. It is true so he suggested to wait till we receive email from Ford in May
  8. Dogs in the Bronco

    We have 2 mini Aussie dogs they go with us everywhere. We will leave rear doors closed. They are our life 💕💕
  9. Anyone know what color this is?

    Confirmed for Cactus gray color 🌵
  10. Factory roof rack review?

    Good morning! From the accessories: can you explain what includes roof platform kit, larg, roof rail attachment by yakima? Are the cross bars included? Why $1,069.00? Please help me understand better. Also, cross bars by Yakima or Thule? Will appreciate your time clarify the differences...
  11. Dealer wants non refundable deposit

    Please do not pay the dealer Suggest to talk to the manager. Rip off. Hope your issue will be solved 🙏
  12. Ordering Cactus Gray Tomorrow

    GO CACTUS GRAY GO! We already ordered this color 😃
  13. ⚙️ 2021 BRONCO ACCESSORIES PICTURES! Ford Performance Parts Catalog + Availability Schedule ?

    We would like to know what swing gate table is used for i would like to see if u can help find the video for me thank you.

    Where did u get roof rack? We ordered Badlands. We thought the roof rack is late availability? i will appreciate your reply.
  15. Ordering Cactus Gray Tomorrow

    Cactus Gray ?. I checked in person twice. Green & grey blend. When we left from Ford, back of vehicle was under shade it looked like light olive. Actually blend colors. Unique!! This color stick to me since we made a reservation. Look forward to driving it this summer ?
  16. ⚙ 2021+ Bronco 6th Gen - OEM Factory Rims / Wheels Specs (Sizes, Offsets, Bolt Pattern, Center Bore) ⚙️

    Good morning ! Wonder if we can remove the beadlocks and change color?
  17. Tow Package prewired for brake controller?

    My husband found wireless brake controller at E-Trailer.com It is cool.
  18. CACTUS GRAY THREAD!!!! if you’re choosing cactus gray lemme know. I think it’s the best color available at the moment.

    Agree with you. Cactus Gray has 3 colors in it. Love it. Ordered it last week for Bronco. Badlands. Cactus Gray ???
  19. Report: More Bronco Allocations For Dealers Who Upgrade Their Showrooms

    My dealer said if we choose black hard top for our Bronco 2021, it can delay to 2022 arrival. Wow. We plan to order black soft top so we can get our Bronco while we will be waiting for black hard top on late availability ??