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  1. 2022 Forscan

    in ABS is this what you used ? This is correct as this is what i used in my 22 obx.. change * to a 2 ABS 760-04-03 xxxx x*xx xx-- 2 = Baja
  2. Anyone else get this Sync update?

    Anyone else get this update.. Kind of eludes to a big update is coming
  3. 4 door back seats do recline a bit

    The one thing I really don't like about the rear seats in the 4 door is they didn't recline at all. Recently discovered they do actually recline a bit. On passenger side first lift the leaver and push back. It's not much but is a little better.
  4. HOT PEPPER RED Bronco Club

    hope to never see erection green ... lol
  5. HOT PEPPER RED Bronco Club

    might want to correct your caption.. dont think erection green is a ford color
  6. Introducing PandaScan, Our Remote FORScan Service!

    I'm kind of wondering how Ford is going to react on a business making money off of unlocking goat modes
  7. HELP! Auction Bronco For Sale Question

    The only draw back could be for resale.. because lack of knowledge may scare some from buying it..
  8. HELP! Auction Bronco For Sale Question

    I say go for it if the price is right.. The kph or mph can be set to your choosing in settings
  9. 📧 Bad news Friday... official email from Ford: "Urgent information regarding your Ford Bronco order."

    When I ordered my obx I thought the 11 month wait was insane.. the main constraints were hardtop , tow .. I got mine last Aug and so glad I did because with today's issues I probably wouldn't got it built..
  10. . [Closed due to abandonment by OP]

    Anything on no floor heat . Some are saying the latest sync updated fixes that issue
  11. Unpainted front door jams...

    Basically about half of each hinge had paint on them and about a third of the jam the paint was so thin , it was mostly primer.
  12. Unpainted front door jams...

    It was only hidden till the doors come off. Something I do occasionally
  13. Cold Feet / Floor Heat?

    Got the 3.5.3 update Friday and that seemed to fix my foot well heat problem..No more cold feet here ....lol
  14. Unpainted front door jams...

    Most of the front hinges and 50% of the jam it self was not painted or badly painted.. Dont have any before photos but just got it back.. This was covered under warranty and turned out perfect.. The blue tape is for door protection for removing and putting the doors back on
  15. Post your Bomb Cyclone mega snow storm Bronco pics 🌨️ 🌬️

    if you ever need a new place to wheel , Interlake is old coalmine turned into a off road /hiking state park.. It's in lynnvile indiana and a day pass is $15 per vehicle.. https://www.in.gov/dnr/state-parks/files/outdoor-recreation/or-InterlakeMap.pdf
  16. Post your Bomb Cyclone mega snow storm Bronco pics 🌨️ 🌬️

    Where in Indiana ? Evansville here
  17. Cold Feet / Floor Heat?

    I also have a 22 OBX with no floor heat
  18. HOT PEPPER RED Bronco Club

    i agree.. going to do mine black soon
  19. HOT PEPPER RED Bronco Club

    Mine are still silver but imo the rings would look better black.. HPR looks great with black accents.. I did a ceramic coating and that seems to make HPR richer..