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  1. Rear compartment storage

    Now that I have a scheduled date for my "keeper" Bronco, I'm thinking about my rear compartment. There are more and more manufacturers who are offering different solutions. I will be putting a 12v cooler in the back (Dometic CXF3-45) so space for that is a must. I would appreciate any pro &...
  2. 2021, no - 2022, no - 2023

    Dealer told me I will be moving to a 2023. Thanks Ford! I'll be looking at the order forms and making decisions (especially now that my cyber orange is off the table).
  3. 2022 (Re) Ordered

    I got my 2022 BL CO 4D SAS 2.7 MIC LUX Tow ordered this afternoon. I was looking over his shoulder and saw a 10 replacing the 99 code and confirmed $500 over invoice (the difference between MSRP & invoice is not what it used to be :(). I'm happy now but expect some issues on commadities.