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  1. The Beaz

    Bay Area Broncos

    I've driven in an outright down pour, top on, doors off and was hardly sprinkled on....😁
  2. The Beaz

    Bay Area Broncos

    Welcome! Nice looking rig!
  3. Why Own Multiple Broncos?

    Mine are a story of complete luck.......on reveal night as soon as the reservation banks were open I immediately jumped on my computer to make a reservation, and in comparing specs, decided that there was little difference between a loaded Badlands and a First Edition, so I reserved a Badlands...
  4. The Beaz

    Bay Area Broncos

  5. The Beaz

    Bay Area Broncos

    I have friends that do, and I can draw/3d model anything.....
  6. Put any cool / unique vinyl decals on your Bronco? Let's see them!

    Just installed my On the Rocks rocker stripes from @Underground Graphics
  7. Noob from SF Bay Area!

    An not many 2drs, or wildtracks around, so you should be easy to ID!
  8. Noob from SF Bay Area!

    Brad! Welcome, from Shad! 😁 I'm over in the outer richmond, if you see use around, give a wave. Nice rig!
  9. 2 dr on road stability and drivability vs 4 dr

    The 4dr drives and handles very smooth, and dampens the rough roads at medium-high speed. At highway speeds, they handle about the same, though the 2dr is just a bit more rough. The 2dr handles like a go-cart on the trails, and is just a bit more zippy, much more fun to drive than the 4dr, but...
  10. 2-Door Soft Top Window Storage Bag

    There is no mechanism to hold the panels upright and in place, though the velcro on the window will adhere to the bag interior, that, and the stacked nature of the 3 panels combined tend to keep things upright, but they do sag a bit. Yes, all three window panels for the 2dr bestop fit in the...
  11. 2023 Soft Top vs Previous Years?

    Anyone with 23 soft top have these gaps at the rear window panels? Upper back where they connect to the rear panel....
  12. Midland MXT575 GMRS 2-Way Radio Install & Photos *SWR Report*

    Depends on the kit you order from Midalnd. I ordered when they first launched the 575, and the only kit option was the magnetic antenna, so when I ordered the 6db antenna, I had to order a new cable. Now it looks like they have kits with the cable and 6db antenna and a mount included
  13. Super Clean GMRS Radio Install!

    I've had my eye on this one for a while: https://magneticmic.com/product-info/
  14. Super Clean GMRS Radio Install!

    these...they are a generic bracket, I turned it upside down to mount the antenna https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09YT2LMZR/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  15. Bronco Essentials for a Novice. PLEASE advise!

    Yes! For sure! I forgot how annoying all the warnings are, until I spent a bit of time in a stock bronco that had not had brain surgery. Painful!!
  16. The Beaz

    Bay Area Broncos

    I concur with the off roadeo statement, and highly recommend the Moab location, much more access to other trails and areas than some of the other spots. Lighting, aux lighting is an easy and useful add on! Various forscan changes will ease some of the daily frustrations as well!
  17. Bronco Essentials for a Novice. PLEASE advise!

    Ha! Just swap MT for ID and you have my story too! I was only planning on being in the Bay Area for 1-2 years......23 years ago! I added some generic autozone flaps to help keep some of the mud and rocks at bay, they've held up well for over a year, with plenty of trips and off-roading. I...
  18. What’s your most annoying feature on the Bronco?

    Yeah, I was planning to pull it out and see if there is a way to increase the opening angle, or add detents of some kind. Sheesh, it only needs about 2-3 more degrees of opening to stay open ....
  19. What’s your most annoying feature on the Bronco?

    Not the most annoying thing....but....that the center console door won't stay open, wants to constantly close on you when you are getting things in and out.