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  1. Single Outlet / High Tuck Exhaust with Reasonable Sound?

    Are there any single outlet / high tuck exhausts out there that produce a reasonable sound? I'm not looking for a straight up muffler delete. I would like something that takes up less space and could potentially accommodate the Raptor hitch brace. Everything I've seen so far with a single...
  2. Flat Towing a 2 Door w/ Squatch?

    Any folks flat tow a 2 door with Squatch? My wife and I are in the very early stages of RV research. We're probably a good ways off from pulling the trigger, but I wanted to see how things were going for folks that have a similar vehicle. Most likely looking at a Super C if we don't go the...
  3. Lighting switches for those with NO Aux switches?

    What is everyone that don't have Aux switches doing for lighting switches? Mine was an abandoned order and didn't come with Aux switches. I'm looking at adding fog lights to augment my upfront lighting and may add something in the rear as well as interior. Let me know what you're using and...
  4. 2.3L Catch Can Results

    For those that have installed them, what have you been seeing over 1000 miles or between oil changes? I installed at 3000 miles and checked at 4200 miles. Mine has a drain line and I got exactly 0 out of it. I'm not complaining one bit. I'll keep checking at set intervals though just in case...
  5. Does the 2.3L use a vacuum reservoir?

    Question for those with more in depth knowledge of the 2.3L and supporting systems. Does the vacuum system utilize a vacuum reservoir?
  6. Front End Friday (add yours)

    Every Friday, feel free to post up a front end pic of your rig. Starting off with my two.
  7. OBD Scanner / Tool

    What are folks using as an OBD scanner / tool? Thinking I want to have something I can keep in the Bronco to check and clear codes if I get out in the boonies and have issues. Dedicated? Bluetooth linked to phone? Just wondering what works for folks and is cost effective.
  8. Black 2 Door Down... [Last Update 08/15/22]

    Well it happened. Someone was impatient at a stop sign on a side street and decided to have their mini van reach out and touch my Bronco. Everyone in both vehicles are ok. I think everything can be repaired. Now the insurance company fun begins.
  9. Broncos Pulling Trailers Pics - Add Yours

    Starting a thread dedicated to Broncos pulling trailers. Post up your ride and whatever type of trailer you're pulling. Work or play. My 2DR with my M416 trailer. Just on a quick test of the new trailer light wiring I had installed. Real work comes this Friday and Saturday when I'm going to...
  10. 2022 Two Door, OBX w/ Squatch Daily Driver

    This is my thread documenting my 2022 two door OBX w/ Squatch daily driver build. To start, I am a Day 2 reservation holder but this Bronco is not the one I ordered. My order was a 4 door BL in Eruption Green. Why the change? I was keeping an eye on the local dealer and they would have a...
  11. Water Spots on Black Paint

    What are folks with black or dark paint doing to prevent or deal with water spots? I have a drying aid coming in the mail that is supposed to help speed drying and prevent water spots. Any recommendations? I bought a black vehicle...the second one I've owned. I knew washing more frequently...
  12. Do OBX / Wildtrak Grilles Get Rock Chips?

    Do these glossy grilles have any issues with chips or nicks in the finish? I assume the other models have their color that goes all the way through so any hit by a rock wouldn't affect the finish.
  13. Block Heater?

    Anyone order their Bronco with the block heater? I haven't seen anyone comment on it effecting their ordering process (delay?), nor the use of good/bad. I included it on my order because...well I ordered what I wanted. From the days of having a Cummins, it sure was nice to have your engine...
  14. Any Soft Tops Tried Renting a Uhaul Trailer Yet

    Anyone with a soft top Bronco tried renting a Uhaul trailer yet? Wondering if the Jeep soft top ban is going to be carried over to the Bronco. That is a long time issue that was around back in the CJ days. I jumped on the Uhaul website and the Bronco is not listed yet but the Bronco Sport is...
  15. Out for a Sunday Drive (U15 Meets New Guys)

    Went out for a little Sunday spin to check if I fixed my fuel system issues on my '75. I decided to pose for a shot in front of the local Ford dealer. Mine is a survivor with 208k on the odo. It was a work horse all its life and lived for 12 years in a shed. New fuel system and brakes, and a...
  16. Base Radio Question

    My brother has a recent reservation and realizes that he'll be ordering a MY22. One question that both of us had is about the base radio. He is getting the BB with 7spd MT so no mid-package for him. Does the base radio have Apple Carplay? As long as it has that, he'll be happy. Otherwise...
  17. Impressions After Two Test Drives

    My local dealership has had two demo units for the last few weeks. One is a Cyber Orange Badlands with the 2.3L and manual transmission, non-SAS. The other is a Rapid Red Wildtrak with 2.7L. Below are my impressions focused on drivability and livability. Mine will be a daily driver and I'll...
  18. Protecting Inside of Tailgate

    How are folks planning on protecting the inside of the rear tailgate? I thought about the fold down table but that still leaves a lot of painted surface to protect.
  19. Another Bronco RC (w/ white top)

    Nicely done customized RC Bronco.