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  1. What Did You Do With Your Stock Suspension?

    For those of you who installed an Iconic or OME lift on your brand new Bronco what did you do with your stock suspension? Is there a market for like new stock suspension? Every 4x4 vehicle I've owned I bought used so the suspension was almost shot anyways so I would just buy an aftermarket...
  2. How Hard Is It To Install Auxiliary Switches?

    So I found a Bronco I like at a dealer website, but of course it doesn't have auxiliary switches, how hard would it be to install them after I purchase the vehicle? Also, If I don't need that many switches would it be easier just to install one or two switches? If so, what kind? EDIT: Anyone...
  3. Another Price Increase?

    Was looking at my build from a few months ago and it's an additional $1,000 for the exact same build. Anyone on here just thinking of saying screw it and just getting a Base Base Bronco? I would imagine a lot of us just want the rear locker and be done with it so that's really the only thing a...
  4. Changing Tire Size Using FORScan

    How exactly do you change tire size using Forscan? Say you wanted to go from the Sasquatch 35" tires down to 33".
  5. 10 Foot Sand / Dune Flag - where to buy?

    Where can I purchase a 10 foot flag that will fit this trail site mount? The ORV I want to go to eventually states you need a 10ft flag and all I see for sale are 7 foot flags.
  6. How quiet are Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T tires?

    How quiet are Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T tires compared to a regular "P" rated tires? I read that they are quiet but just wondering from members who have this tire how really quiet/loud are they on a scale 1-10 (with 10 being the nosiest).
  7. Remote Start - is there a fee?

    For those of you who don't have the remote start function on your keyfob, how do you use the app on your phone to start your Bronco? Is there a monthly fee to you that feature? Or is it free? If it's free then what's the point of putting the remote start on your keyfob other than having to take...
  8. Michigan Members - Have You Been To Holly Oaks ORV? (rear locker related)

    OK, so for those of you that have gone to Holly Oaks ORV, how many times have you actually used a rear locker? The reason why I am asking is I'm deciding if I should get the Base, Big Bend (with rear locker) or Base SAS. With how Ford keeps increasing the prices twice a year I'm having a hard...
  9. How quiet is the Skyrider Top?

    How quiet is the skyrider? I'm deciding if I should go with the soft or hard top when the order banks open again in like 6 or 12 months. A lot of forum members here are saying that the soft top is actually quieter than the hard top since the soft top is really one giant piece and the hard top...
  10. Can't Create Account on Ford Website

    Is it just me or is the Ford website down? It won't let me make an account so I can build my Bronco. I've tried half a dozen times.
  11. Can't Order Base Or Base Sasquatch On March 27th?

    Just like the title says, am I reading this correctly? Ford won't let you order the Base or Base Sasquatch on March 27th when the order banks finally open again? It doesn't make any sense. Why is the Base a constraint? It literally has like zero options. I don't understand what Ford is doing...
  12. Non-Sasquatch Fenders

    For those of you who are getting 33" tires for your Sasquatch Broncos where are you buying your non-sasquatch fenders from? Or are you just leaving your sasquatch fenders on?
  13. Do I Need To Sand Steelies Before Painting?

    I bought five 16" steelies for my Ford Bronco and would like to paint them black. According to Chris Fix, a famous youtuber, he recommends sanding the steel wheels first before painting them in this video: How to Paint the Wheels on your Car - YouTube However, the steelies I bought are take...
  14. How To Prevent Rear Light Theft?

    If you were to install these reverse/chase lights, how would you go about preventing someone from just walking up and unscrewing them? PS. No funny responses.
  15. Are all Bronco center caps the same?

    Can someone confirm if the Big Bend center wheel caps are the same as the 16" Bronco steelies on the base? The Big Bend ones look like they are gray? But is the shape the same as the steelie ones? In other words, if I get the Big Bend, can I sell the wheels and reuse the wheel caps on the 16"...
  16. TMPS Sensor Kit Advice

    If I was to buy another set or rims/wheels for the winter, what brand of TMPS sensor kit that fits Ford Broncos from Amazon would you suggest I buy?
  17. Sasquatch - Photos of 16" rims and 33" tires

    For those of you who sold your Sasquatch wheels and downgraded to 16" rims and 33" tires post your photos here.
  18. Base Bumper Fog Lights Plastic Inserts

    For those of you that have the base plastic front bumper and have retrofitted stock round foglights, where can you purchase the plastic inserts that go over the fog lights so that it looks like it came like that from the factory?
  19. Talk To Me About Driving Manuals

    So I'm debating if I should go with the manual, I'm like 95% set on it over the automatic but have some questions, especially when it comes to offroading. First vehicle I had was a V8 5.7L 5 speed Dodge Dakota single cab. 1) I've read on this forum that driving the Bronco manual is different...
  20. Diode Dynamics Stage Series Reverse Light Kit Question

    Does anyone know if the Diode Dynamics Stage Series Reverse Lights (SSC1 Pro, SSC1 Sport, SSC2 Pro, etc.) have brake lights build into them? I know they have "rec accents", but if I was to press the brake pedal or turn my hazards on, would the Diode Revere lights also turn red like my regular...