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  1. Good quality Retractable Cargo Cover?

    I have seen several of retractable cargo covers and they all look like they come from the same factory. They also all have the same complaint... stickers don't hold the clips and the tabs break off the top. Has anyone found a good quality cover that does not have these issues? Something maybe a...
  2. 6 1/2" rear speaker advice

    I just bought the SSV 6.5" speaker enclosures for the rear and plan on using Kicker CS speakers (it's what I have laying around) there. I have an Audio Control amp putting out 100watts per channel so plenty of power. The question is this... anyone who has done this... do you find your are now...
  3. Sound deadening advice

    I have tried to do my homework but still want to hear what this group has done. I started to sound deaden the Bronco. Not so much to cut out road noise since it seems most noise is through the roof - but to reduce vibration from the speakers. I fully covered the back cargo floor and doubled up...
  4. Kicker 12" CompRT downfire sub w/passive radiator

    Wondering if anyone has experience with this sub. What are your thoughts?
  5. Aftermarket replacement speaker suggestion?

    I have the Audio Control LC 5 1300 amp installed and replaced the speakers with the Kicker CS series speakers. I'm afraid they can't handle the amp and am looking to replace them with another option. The amp puts out 100 watts per channel @ 4 ohms. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, if...
  6. My Amp install in cargo area w/ custom DIY amp mount

    After looking at every nook and cranny in and around the Bronco, I finally decided to install the amp inside the cargo area. I felt it was just too big to hide and I wanted to access the controls. I ended up building an amp mount using PVC trim that I pained black. I drilled 2 holes in the...
  7. Installing stereo amp on tailgate?

    Has anyone considered installing their stereo amp(s) on the rear tailgate? Seems like a great place if you want access.
  8. Footwell lighting gone?

    I just noticed that the ambient footwell lighting no longer is on when the car is on (yes at night when the lights are on). Any ideas?
  9. Hood shake

    I am wondering if any of you have noticed something similar. Yesterday I was driving over a bridge near the beach and it was very windy. The type that you can feel pushing the truck one way or another. I could see the hood flexing by the trail sites up and down as the wind blew. I have never...
  10. Good vibe from Jeep and Bronco owners

    Just driving around locally and I am getting the thumbs up from both Bronco and Jeep owners. Pretty cool that people are just psyched there are more of us who like these vehicles and less of us who really care about which brand you bought.
  11. Lost GOAT modes

    Need some help. I was setting up my truck and have to assume I selected something that removed all but 3 GOAT modes. I have normal, eco and sport. I have no idea what I did... has anyone else come across this issue?
  12. Badlands interior in summer?

    If anyone has owned their Badlands in a summer month yet, how does the black interior do in the sun? The only thing holding me back from getting a Badlands is the thought of sitting on black vinyl on a 90 day after the roof has been down. Flashbacks to the 70s