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  1. PPF the Whole Damn Thing...

    If you PPF I wouldn’t bother ceramic coating unless your installer included it. But if you wanted to take the time PPF then ceramic coat. If you did it the other way the PPF would not stick.
  2. Is the 2022 Bronco Wildtrak Hoss 3.0 2 door the rarest production Bronco out there to date?

    I too like to pat myself on the back. I am one of a kind.
  3. APG Bronco ProRunner

    Mcinfantry does make a good point. Most people will drop money they don’t have and fail to insure the possibility of a loss.
  4. APG Bronco ProRunner

    You can get insurance on your accessories added to your auto insurance. I did this for a few years then cycled off the plan. Personally I don’t like the look of the Bronco raptor, just me.
  5. Who hates their 10spd besides me?

    I always have to put my a Ranger in sport mode otherwise I’m like “ why does this thing not want to go…and I’m literally going the speed limit…everyone is passing me “
  6. APG Bronco ProRunner

    Anything APG puts on the Bronco will 100% outlast any party it’s connected to. The only thing I add is… since it’s so beefy it could cause failures or Ford parts down the line; but that could be an article on its own. Just call George he is a super nice guy. Even if you don’t buy anything he...
  7. Screen going black after connecting to CarPlay

    In my Ranger this problem happened much less (if not ever) once I : Waited for the truck to start up then plugged in my phone. If I say auto started the truck, jumped in, plugged in my phone then put the key in to start the screen would go black. You can also pull the fuse to reset before you...
  8. Animosity toward IFS offroader

    Apparently with the Bronco IFS vs solid axel… The solid axle will have all the wheels on the ground but possibly less weight on some wheels but in a similar scenario the IFS could have more weight/traction per wheel. But yes all out modified single axle is better. Honestly more worried about...
  9. JBL Sound Bar accessory review / impressions?

    2 out of the 3 JBL BT speakers I have purchased have failed within 1-2 years due to battery life. The other one has lasted 5 years and going. I like the sound output and that you can link up to 2 together; however, I wish you could at least link 3 together. - JBL & JBL extreme I think were the...
  10. I would accept my order without a top!

    Think you are on to something! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.newsweek.com/man-learns-his-son-actually-his-uncle-due-grandfathers-affair-1603014?amp=1
  11. I would accept my order without a top!

    Haha you’re totally right. But if/when I move to a cold weather state… sigh, I just hate the look of the soft top. It’s neat for sure and the ability to fold it down. I just don’t like the plastic windows.
  12. I would accept my order without a top!

    I get it would be a headache and could even cause problems during transport… and not going to happen. Just don’t plan on putting the top on after delivery, so I don’t really care about the top. Not desperate- just don’t care.
  13. I would accept my order without a top!

    I’m definitely an outlier… But I would accept my order without a top! Couple things here: 1st: I think the Bronco looks better without a top. 2nd: I live in Southern California. 3rd: Plan on keeping it garaged and only taking it out on nice days… so most days: but don’t get me wrong I hate not...
  14. Missing paint in the door jam

    I would understand if it’s painted but not clear coated… But not painted at all, comeonman!
  15. Ford oil change intervals

    I’m normally in your camp… They do the same with aircraft engine/engine rebuilds… but with new engines it’s just not necessary. My other car (2.0 turbo) specially states to wait a particular amount of time because the oil put in at the factory helps properly break in the engine. I read this...
  16. Confused - Ranger platform

    Confused the Bronco doesn’t share the Ranger transmission. I started this journey not happy with our current SUV capability and reserved the iconic Bronco. The Bronco was going to be built on the Ranger platform. So naturally we bought a Ranger. Moded the $hit out of it and love it! But I’m...
  17. My Moab Bronco ride review and detailed 33" vs 35" tires ride comparison

    Ok cool, that's actually well described info. Thank you. đź‘Ť I think for my correct car it's magnetic and computers... So magic
  18. My Moab Bronco ride review and detailed 33" vs 35" tires ride comparison

    Ok... I've been curious on how it accomplishes this feature...? (Safety feature not full time adjustment) For the record I don't care about the Bronco having adjustable shocks. I could have gotten them in my truck... I didn't and 🤷
  19. My Moab Bronco ride review and detailed 33" vs 35" tires ride comparison

    It's not wrong to want this feature. Comparable..no. But my Type R from comfort/sport/race mode adjust steering, throttle response and suspension. If you want this feature you could get adjustable shocks (King's for instance) where you adjust 1-5?; but then again you have to get out and do this...