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  1. Pennsylvania Sold: OEM Soft top

    Oem soft top off of my 2021 Base. Switched the bestop a few months ago and it’s been in my garage since. In good shape. $500 obo Located in Delco. Can take more pictures if interested.

    I’d be interested if you’d ship it.
  3. Screen going black after connecting to CarPlay

    Reset my phone a few times and it works now. Thank you!
  4. Screen going black after connecting to CarPlay

    Hopefully it’s that simple for me! Thanks!
  5. Screen going black after connecting to CarPlay

    I did but I will try it toggling wireless app projection off as well. Thanks!
  6. Screen going black after connecting to CarPlay

    That was the first thing I tried. I’ll be disconnecting the battery after work and see if that does anything.
  7. Screen going black after connecting to CarPlay

    I’ve tried all that. Haven’t tried using it hardwired but I’m in the same boat 😪
  8. Screen going black after connecting to CarPlay

    Screen works perfectly fine, but once I hit the car play button on the screen it goes black. Volume still shows on the screen while black if I adjust it and I’ve tried multiple restarting it but nothing changes. Anyone have a similar issue or a possible fix? (8inch screen) Update Reset my phone...
  9. DillyCrack

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    https://www.manleyselectronics.com/ Myself and plenty others I know always go here. They do good work.
  10. Soft Top Seal Loose on Driver Side

    Any fix? I was sitting at a light in 40 mph winds and since then my passenger front is very loose and have a bad whistle coming from it. @Ford Motor Company
  11. Rear Floor mats

    I had a few ideas, but decided to see what happens first. Have had the doors off twice this year and they haven’t blown around, probably was going 65 at most. Probably will try something eventually just for peace of mind.
  12. Grill Letter Changeout

    I have the matte black/white outline from sticker fab. I think they look great. Have had them one for a few months and they’re holding up great.
  13. KC Pro6 Light Bar Installed

    Router through A pillar using the pre run wire Did exactly what they did in this video
  14. KC Pro6 Light Bar Installed

    I had the aux switches, which makes it look very neat and clean.
  15. KC Pro6 Light Bar Installed

    I have soft top so it’s already decently loud but I haven’t noticed any noise from it.
  16. JcrOffroad Mod bumper winch plate now available!

    It really pissed me off how I never came on here and said anything bad about the product. Just said I had to open the holes and everything was good from there. I always figured it was a ford problem. Then i open this thread and they’re telling people it was my fault it didn’t fit 😂. That was...