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  1. 37x12.50r17 will not fit?

    37x12.50x17 Mickey Thompson Baja Boss MT's on 17x9, 0 offset Mickey Thompson Sidebiter II rims with JKS Max tire clearance kit, 3" Zone lift and custom sliders,,, no issues.
  2. Train Derailment in Kentucky with New Ford Vehicles

    Could be. It just reads funny. To avoid is to take evasive action in the roadcourse world, as in steering around something.
  3. Train Derailment in Kentucky with New Ford Vehicles

    Fantastic reporting!! How exactly does a train try and avoid the semi? Not like the conductor could steer around the truck.
  4. Show us your auxiliary back up lights!

    Rigid floods wired to Aux 6.
  5. Does anyone regret going to 37s?

    I'm 80" to the top of the light bar. No regrets at all. I didn't buy a Bronco for the mileage.
  6. Front window tinting

    Just the 2 fronts to match the back, I think 20%, and a windshield strip.
  7. Kentucky 4 door OEM Rock Rails For Sale

    No sorry,,, my bad, should have marked them sold.
  8. Bronco Wall Art from Hobby Lobby

    Yup,,, made the Hobby Lobby run today. Picked up some garage swag.
  9. 2021 BRONCO 1st edition ROLLOVER ISO PARTS

    Okay,,, I'll ask,,,, why bother?? You'll have way more invested in it than it's worth after buying the parts. And a rebuilt title.
  10. Kentucky Sold: 4 door OEM Rock Rails For Sale

    After going to custom sliders, I no longer need these factory rock rails. All brackets and bolts included, no damage. Ready to install. Prefer local pick-up as they are long and heavy, Richmond/Berea area. $200. I work in Northern Kentucky and can bring them up to the Florence area if that...
  11. Front window tinting

    No issues.
  12. Race Red Wildtrak Build in KY

    $1500 for 5. Spare never been on the ground. 4500 miles on the other 4. Swapping on January 10th in Cincinnati at 4WP. Stopped by 4WP on way home from Dayton and got the spare mounted. Pic makes it look huge.
  13. Race Red Wildtrak Build in KY

    Custom built, welded sliders installed today. Very nice work from Ross Fab Offroad.
  14. Race Red Wildtrak Build in KY

    Also got the Hammer Built tailgate support installed with the 3rd brake light extension. Ready for 37's.
  15. Race Red Wildtrak Build in KY

    Added a few accessories today. Archetype Racing BYODR rail and Bulletpoint arms and mounts.
  16. Bronco6g HELP! Me pick a Color Velocity Blue or Race Red ? ? ? ? Post photos

    I'll throw my Race Red in here. We were initially looking at A51 and Cactus Gray,,, but more and more were showing up. RR does stand out.
  17. Race Red Wildtrak Build in KY

    Well,,,here we go again!! More mods getting ready to happen. I have some custom frame mounted rock sliders/running boards being made by Ross Fab Offroad up in Dayton Ohio, going on December 17th. I have the Zone 3" Adventure Series lift that will go on first of the year after we get past the...