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  1. Sasquatch 2.3 vs 2.7 MPG ? ? ? ?

    Edit— I have a 2.7. That was an important part. I have an OB with 33” 265/70/18 A/T tires and I’m getting about 17 avg around town (DC area, lots of stop and go). During a recent 2500 mile road trip I calculated approx 20 mpg avg highway. Probably more like 19-20 mpg.
  2. Screen going black after connecting to CarPlay

    I had this problem yesterday. Two guys in my office had the same issue with their car play set ups — neither have Fords. Then I noticed when I hit Apple Music on my phone, it wouldn’t pull up. Related? Dunno. But all good today after rebooting my phone. iOS update? IDK.
  3. Screen going black after connecting to CarPlay

    Wireless car play works over WiFi. Is your phone WiFi on?
  4. OH NO 2.0 MIC Hard Top Delaminating!?!?!!!

    Sorry, here are the pics. Front driver panel.
  5. OH NO 2.0 MIC Hard Top Delaminating!?!?!!!

    Mine was leaking. They replaced it in 24 hrs. But obviously shit quality.
  6. Who buys a 1st year anything?

    +1. 7,500 miles and no issues. Well….driver side front MIC panel leaked, but dealership replaced in less than 36 hours, which rectified the problem. Other than that, no issues. The only substantive complaint I have is the lame stock tires on my OB. Also, my wife’s 2019 Volvo XC90 T6...
  7. My 2-Door Basesquatch 2.7L Build

    Thanks my friend. I was afraid it was pinned on. Just got mine last weekend, starting the journey!
  8. My 2-Door Basesquatch 2.7L Build

    Dude that truck is fantastic! Two questions: How did you smoke the lettering on the grill? Was swapping out the Ford emblem a pain and did you get the old one off Thanks!
  9. I gave up

    All, I’m a long time reader, first time poster. I sincerely appreciate the wealth of knowledge and advice shared on this forum. Not to mention the time spent by folks posting their experiences to help others. However — I reserved in Feb 2021, ordered in August. No news. Life happens so I...