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  1. Is the 2023 MIC darker?

    I saw a 2 door green Badlands yesterday with fresh dealer tags. The thing that shocked me the most was that the MIC roof looked to be the same shade of charcoal grey as the fender flares and other plastic components. It was an overcast day and I just saw the vehicle for about 15s, but the roof...
  2. A/C seemingly stuck on

    I will preface this that I haven’t done any testing / monitoring to see if the compressor is actually on… My Bronco is a year old at this point and I only noticed this in the last few weeks. It seems that no matter what, the A/C is stuck on. Has anyone else experienced this? Over the past...
  3. FordPass updates could use some better phrasing

    I was pretty confused as to why this was my “last” update on my brand new Bronco. Took me seeing there were multiple messages to realize they mean “latest”.
  4. I have more conversations about the Bronco Sport than the Bronco

    I do not understand why Ford muddied the water of this roll out by introducing the Bronco Sport before the Bronco (or even at all). I receive a lot of compliments driving this vehicle around, but I also receive just as much confusion. I’ve had people ask why my Bronco looks so different from...
  5. Test Bronco offer-up

    One trend I have already noticed via this forum is that a lot of interesting and useful products are held up by the limited access to Broncos for scanning, test fitting, etc. It would be cool if this forum provided a means to help out with regional manufacturers in this regard. Maybe a thread...
  6. Raptor DRL pattern via ForScan?

    Anyone think it’d be possible to implement the Raptor daytime running light amber colors via ForScan? I assume they didn’t give the Raptor different headlights and just programmed them differently.
  7. How to sync keyless entry pad with vehicles

    Does anyone know how to sync a keyless entry pad with the Bronco without having to take it to the dealer? I found instructions but they requiring using the key to manually turn the vehicle ignition. Doesn’t really translate to a push button setup.
  8. How to change name of vehicle in FordPass?

    I took delivery of my Bronco today (wooooo) and when I was setting up FordPass with a dealer, I picked a random name. Figured it wouldn’t matter. Didn’t realize it would propagate through their systems and be used all over. Now I’m struggling to find how / where to rename the vehicle. Anyone...
  9. Recommended dealers in the Cleveland, OH area?

    Making a move to OH in 2 weeks. Would love to know what dealers people have had good experiences with (both buying and servicing)? Also any dealers to avoid in the area?
  10. Anyone know about ARB hardtops in development?

    My dealer told me today that ARB has a classic top similar to the old Broncos and a modular hard top in development. Been looking for more info but haven’t found anything. Does anyone know anything about these products?
  11. Borrowed 2DR Outer Banks MIC for 24 hours. Any questions?

    Dealer let me borrow this thing for 24 hours! Anything you guys want to know / see? Only been poking around for the last 15 minutes and already even more excited for my 4DR Badlands to eventually be built. I’m not allowed to take the door / roof off, sadly. Apparently someone who borrowed it...