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  1. Tennessee Bronco Club

    @Hossamus Prime come on up for this, would love to wheel with you again.
  2. Tennessee Bronco Club

    @TNcoupe let's just say I don't think I'm getting my account restored. I can't post, PM, react, and all my started threads were closed. I'm shocked I'm able to post here but he's probably working to stop that right now.
  3. Tennessee Bronco Club

    @TNcoupe long story and if I get into it it might make things worse.
  4. Tennessee Bronco Club

    The trip is getting close! I have the Windrock visit nailed down for July 8. I'm banned from posting in the rest of the forum but somehow I can still post here. Sweet.
  5. Mongos mpg balls finally dropped 19mpg

    I never got the "break-in bump". :(
  6. Best speed for MPG performance?

    I get 25+ at 50-55 but that's pretty tough to maintain. 65 is the point it falls off a cliff for me.
  7. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Did you do any kind of spacers behind them? I wasn't loving how they sit on the dimples.
  8. Can you put any 1” levels on the back to keep rake

    I'm running a top hat spacer in the rear. Just get a quality set, I ripped apart my first ones with poor quality welds. Get some that are solid blocks, like RTR if that's your tax bracket.
  9. Update: Rear Axle Tube - 1200 Miles Warranty Covered

    There's plenty of high mileage Fords out there too. I had a 1st gen explorer with 325k when I sold it and my V10 Super Duty has 270k. Then there's that Fiesta with 3/4 million that had an article written about it.
  10. Why does badlands have the Baja goat mode if it was not designed for high speed off-roading? (No HOSS 3.0)?

    Badlands are still quite good at high speed. I've had mine over 60 on sand flats.
  11. My custom Ford Performance special edition Bronco

    Tasteful and functional. Me likey.
  12. Salvage 2 Door Badlands Gets a Second Life. Restoration & Modified Rebuild Planned

    I use 6ga wire back to the cargo area and it seems to be good.
  13. Tricky Dick's Dirty Bronco

    Got a little more work done on the bumper and my JKS high clearance kit came in but I'm out of time, tomorrow after work I have to load up and head to the Stampede.
  14. Why is the rear seat split 60% on the driver's side

    Nope, 50/50 or 100/0 for me thanks!
  15. Seatbelt Issue Recall for 175K 2021-2023 Broncos Announced

    What good is being so superior if we can't bring it up in every thread? :ROFLMAO:
  16. 2,500 mile road trip with 2-Door Bronco experience: cargo space, fuel economy, issues

    I agree. I don't put anything on top. I was working on an over the tire basket but I don't want that weight on the tailgate and I don't want to give up clearance for a hitch mounded solution. So now I've moved on to building a custom bumper with swing away tire carrier that will hold more weight.
  17. 2,500 mile road trip with 2-Door Bronco experience: cargo space, fuel economy, issues

    So far Moab has been our longest trip, about 2000 round trip, and we were able to pack gear and luggage for 3 but we used every inch and even took one rear seat out to buy a few more inches. Tennessee is going to be the real challenge, 5000 miles or so round trip. The kid and I pack light, if...