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  1. Incognito SecureAlert

    Just Ford being Ford and removing the only useful tool in the FordPass app. They even forgot to change the name of the "Safety & Security" section since that no longer makes sense.
  2. Is the B&O really that bad?

    It's decent, but would be much better in a sealed cabin without ridiculous wind noise.
  3. Noticable slight "clunk" when releasing the break after stopping.

    This happens to me after I brake a little hard and then ease off the brake pedal slowly and don't let the front end jump up. My dealer pretending that they couldn't replicate it. I told them to try again and they felt it and said it's "normal." I'm positive they are lying. It's definitely the...
  4. Possible new 2024 Bronco color? BRONZE?

    Is that not the Bronco Sport's poop Kodiak Brown?
  5. Guys... I found THE best Bronco deal of the year

    This is the equivalent of putting a THICCCC OtterBox case on an iPhone. Just buy an Android (Jeep).
  6. Anderson Composites Hard Top installed photos!

    I second this. Looks much better than my velcro carpet headliner. Need.
  7. Anyone with a 2 door regret not going 4 doors?

    Only a 4-door owner would pay extra money to change the amount of doors they have.
  8. Anyone with a 2 door regret not going 4 doors?

    I would have gotten a 1 door if I could have.
  9. Mismatched trim panel from factory

    The dealer definitely saw it and was hoping you wouldn't. Lol
  10. Increase Chassis Stiffness without Off-Road Compromise | Steeda Bronco Strut Tower Brace

    Weird flex (pun intended), but okay.
  11. You can't beat the HARD top!

    You really can't beat a 2-door hard top.
  12. The First VALVED Exhaust for the Ford Bronco! XForce Exhaust [With Video]

    I've been waiting for a valved exhaust, but the DC adapter and fob control cheapens this in my opinion. I wish there was a way to use the AUX switches instead of the fob. Anybody know if that's possible?
  13. Bucked / Ducked how to stop it?

    I'd rather buy a duck with a hard earned buck than have the bad luck of having one stuck on my truck by a schmuck. That would suck.
  14. What’s your most annoying feature on the Bronco?

    Highway wind noise and it's not even close.
  15. Easiest B&O upgrade?

    Easiest solution: Buy two sets of these speakers and two sets of the harnesses. Replace all 4 corners. Should take 10-15 minutes if you have the harnesses. It's plug and play. Not the most dramatic difference but the audio is cleaner. Now if only I could turn the highway wind noise down a few...
  16. B&O blew a Kicker 46CSC44 4"

    Yeah, I just did all 4 corners. No amp. The new speakers are a little less sensitive so my normal listening volume went from 12 to about 14-15. With the increased knob volume I notice that the bass from the factory B&O sub was a little annoying sometimes so I bumped that down a few notches in...
  17. B&O blew a Kicker 46CSC44 4"

    I also have the KSC404s and they sound great. I almost got the 46CSC44s but after doing a little ore research I am glad I spent a bit more cash. My guess is that the OP just got a defective speaker.
  18. Insurance cost for 6 months

    I have a 2-door 2022 Badlands LUX with the 2.7L and pay $608 for 6 months with Progressive. I'm in Dallas and mostly have the minimum policy requirements. $1000 deductible.